Caveboy Monday: Why Do We Get Up in the Morning?

2011 May 16
by mockers

Most of us that have not been fortunate enough to have hit the power ball, mega millions etc. get up every day (time is dependant on your shift) and drag our tired asses to work.  It’s the same thing, get up, take a shower, have a cup of coffee and go to work.

Why do we do this?  (if your spouse, partner or significant other is also gainfully employed and a contributor to the units financial stability then items ‘A & G” probably don’t apply to you)

Is it because:

A – Our loving family shows their appreciation on a regular basis by leaving us alone on Saturday afternoon so we can knock a few cold ones back and do absolutely nothing.

B – We genuinely enjoy the working environment and relish our relationships with our fellow co-workers.

C – The personal fulfillment we get every day from a job well done.

D – The respect and trust your boss shows you almost daily.

E – Everyday we grow our careers into ever expanding areas of knowledge and expertise.

F – The warm felling we get knowing that our efforts are helping to make the world a better place.


Or perhaps:


G – Your spouse, partner or significant other has gone out and obligated the vast majority of your wages to credit cards, health club memberships and wine of the month club.

H – Your sniveling kid complains that the $130.00 sneakers you bought them last month were left on the bus after a school trip and they need another pair.

I – The same sniveling kid needs a new winter coat that costs $200.00, never mind that they never leave the house in anything heavier than a T-shirt.

J – Why, no you don’t mind giving up the $400.00 that you have saved over the last year for a new set of golf clubs to pay the utility bill that someone “forgot” to pay.

K – You just thoroughly enjoy the daily dose of undermining and humiliation you get at work everyday.

L – After a pisser of a day at work when all you really want to do is kick back in your favorite chair, watch the ball game, certainly I want to go out, stand in line 45 minutes at an over priced restaurant to eat food I don’t like, because “We haven’t been out in a while”.  Oh you mean last night doesn’t count.

M – No I don’t mind canceling the fishing trip I planned a year ago so you can go on a “Spiritual Retreat” you found out about last night.


But being the good little lemming that I am, I’ll just do what I’m told and pretend to not mind.

remember nuthins free, so send money


caveboy out

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  1. 2011 May 17

    The only reason I work is so that I can buy whores and cocaine. I didn’t know there was any other reason.

  2. 2011 May 17
    Valentin permalink

    Yep, i work for the beer money.

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