Futures Market Update by Johnny Cade

2009 May 6

johnnycakeHey Ponyboy, Johnnycakes here. Before I go I wanted you to know that gold futures in India showed firmness Tuesday following a global surge and after oil prices steadied.

 Also, I bet those goddamned socs will be happy to hear that global gold prices steadied Tuesday, hovering near its highest level in a week . Any dip in the dollar is likely to spur another round of buying from speculators – just like when I killed Bob.  That spurred a rumble…but there aint no greasers and there ain’t no socs Ponyboy.  I know that now… 
Anyway, those old oil barrels came to a record near $140 yesterday, with traders caught between a weaker dollar and expectations that top exporter Saudi Arabia will ramp up output to its highest rate in decades…sounds like Darry’s gonna have to work harder than ever.

In macro-economic data, traders would be closely watching U.S. building permits for May, current account reports for the first quarter and producer price index data for further direction – except Cherry Valance.  She’s not a follower like that.  She’s different.  Under different circumstances, she’d be one of us.

Well, I guess that’s about all I got time for, seeing as how I’m on my death bed and horribly burned from the fire.  It was worth it though to save them kids…I’m gonna go ahead and die now…just remember Ponyboy – Buy gold Ponyboy…buy gold.

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  1. 2009 May 6
    Jill permalink


    What a great movie reference! Wow, me thinks I have to go and rent that this weekend.

    ….mmmm Matt Dillon

  2. 2009 May 6
    metten permalink

    Thank Jebus, one person got it.

  3. 2009 May 6
    twr permalink

    cramer has a nightmare after falling asleep reading his high school daughters lit homework


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