Hang With Me Please

2011 July 26
by mockers

Hey guys – this is metten.  This site has gone downhill once again for the same reason it always goes downhill.  Lack of time.

I had it down to where there were funny people covering every day of the week and all I had to take care of was Tuesday. I have no idea where some of the contributors went, but I totally understand.  A bunch of other commitments, no pay for writers and low readership because all of the browsers thought we were an attack site for a month often dulls the motivation to write.

The good news is that I am quitting my relatively high-paying but otherwise soul sucking job tonight.  After I serve the month’s notice required by my contract, I will be free.  Free to think about something besides putting out fires (literally and figuratively), making my schedule work and getting yelled at by people who basically own me. Who knows, after relieving the pressure and letting my mind wander a bit, I might actually get funny again…relatively speaking, of course.

The bad news is that I still have the considerable burden of figuring out some way to support my family, so please let me know if you have any ideas or opportunities.

The other good news is that this should give me a little more time to make this site what I always hoped it would be.  Feel free to send me guest mocks,  ideas, suggestions, criticism and racist slurs or whatever to mockable (at) gmail.com.

Thanks very much for sticking around.

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  1. 2011 July 26
    Tammie permalink

    I hate that you had to quit your job to save your soul. Of course it’s never a good thing when your brain is paralyzed and you feel like an ancient relic turned to dust ,so dropping the job was necessary. It’s hard to find humor in anything when you constantly feel like you’re walking around with a dirty sock balled up in your throat.

    You know I have your back when it comes to Thursdays and only the lack of internet will prevent me from submitting. Well that and possibly losing my arms or death, but I am creative when it comes to getting my message across, so I can’t really say what might happen in those events.

    Hang in there and think about what you’d like to do before looking for a new job. I can picture you driving an ice cream truck and being a fashion model. Ok. Well that was in that one dream I had about you but the ice cream was delicious and you have great legs.

  2. 2011 July 26
    Chuck in Bama permalink

    If I could write worth a damn, I’d lend a hand. I’m in the same boat as far as figuring out how to support the home, too. Freedom is great; until the cupboard is bare. I’m full of ideas (wife says shit), but nothing nobody will pay for!!!!

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