Many Strangers Care About the Health of My Penis!

2009 April 17
by mockers

thumbsup1One of the most satisfying, and frankly flattering, benefits of being online is knowing there are so many complete strangers out there concerned about the health of my penis!

It’s true.  Before email, I had no idea.  Oh sure, I’d receive the occasional postcard or letter referencing powerful erections, but nothing like I do today.

The enthusiasm for my penis is now overwhelming!

And from complete strangers, too.  If friends and family members sent daily notes concerning my sex organ, I’d undoubtedly be moved.  But the fact that folks I don’t even know take the time to write, can often trigger a full emotional response.  I’m not ashamed to admit I sometimes cry!

I hope that what follows doesn’t come across as bragging, because it certainly isn’t.  I simply want to acknowledge in public the many thoughtful messages I’ve received over the past couple of weeks.

Included are the email subject lines, and the names of the senders.  I thank each and every one of you, for your caring and compassion.

Here’s to strong and healthy penises worldwide!

The touch of your big log will be like the touch of an angel for women (Denise Cho)

Give her double portion with your new proportion. (Mona Davenport)

Every week you’ll nail deeper (Mindy Conner)

Make your pecker glorious (Randall Robinson)

Power up your gun and conquer ladies’ hearts (Katheryn Sparks)

Your spoon in her candy (Bruce Fitch)

Make your rod your jewel (me)

Bring your manhood to an unbelievable level. (Sherry Jefferson)

Your man’s ship won’t sunk (zevs.78)

Unzip your pants knowing that you have a real treasure there. (Lidia Jennings)

Your little friend will turn from a frog into a prince. (Tracy Knapp)

Make your stick voluminous (Tommie Lamb)

Give your wife a serving of pleasure one after another. (Monte Gabriel)

You will get a new nick something like “Mega Stick”. (Valentin Dempsey)

She’s gonna worship your hose (Harriett Soloman)

No half-measures!  This is the only thing that will make your manhood stay like iron rod! (Prince Flanagan)

Girls will drop underwear for you (jeff)

Need hard instrument, man? (Jeremy Whitt)

Your woman wants your python to be the best worker of the year! (Lacy Ham)

Women will call your tool a weapon (Tyi Ebumed)

Chicks will be at a loss for words when you take your pants down (Freddie Rosario)

Prepare your manhood for deeds! (Osmer Julian)

Enhance your lovestick (Israel Wilkins)

The little man in your pants will be your bodyguard (Anibal Reyna)

After this the rubbers won’t fit (Imogene Gagne)

I will continue to update this list, as especially touching notes arrive.  Please feel free to share the messages you’ve received, as well.  Just paste them into the comments section below.

There’s so much negativity nowadays!  Why not join me in celebrating the positive for once!!

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  1. 2009 April 17
    Joe T. permalink

    You will need to buy rubber friends of a bigger size. (Mohamed Browne)

  2. 2009 April 17
    Cosgrove permalink

    “jeff” sent you a pretty touching one. Is that Jeff Kay?

  3. 2009 April 17

    The only swelling here are my eyes from laughing so hard.

    I said hard along with swelling.

    Har Har!

  4. 2009 April 17

    “We can make your meat tree mighty and strong” – Ethan Hester
    “Get a Champion dong” – Dr. Phillip Edziem
    “Ruin the brick wall standing on your way to happiness!!” – Jose Banks

  5. 2009 April 17
    Nurse Ratched permalink

    “Know how deep the water is”- Mona Loa

  6. 2009 April 17
    Funky permalink

    Guess mine aren’t as praising:

    “Yo comrade with the small weenie” – Anonymous

  7. 2009 April 17

    Geez, another damn Enzyte commercial!!!

    These area few that ended up in my public eh um box…

    Hi! This is Christy. Sweet nice babes playing with beasts.?

    Astonish women with that monster inside your jeans. Like woman wants big breast a man wants to be blessed.?

    Halle Berry is a lesbian. We have intimate pics!? (Thespian yes, Don’t need the pictures, I have Monster ball on DVD)

    Do the pleasant things which are possible only with a big tool. No woman will flinch when you add extra inch.?

    The longer your tool is, the longer your fun in bed lasts. Reconstruct your male friend and you will love the changes.?

    Be known like nobility because of big virility. Join the lucky category of men who are happy about their size.?

    She will love your instrument more and more with every push. Women will estimate your size and you will get an A.?

    (((PENILE_EN_LARGE_MENT)))? ***(There was no guessing with this one)**

  8. 2009 April 23
    Marcie permalink

    One big instrument is much better than two small ones. – Kermit Milton

    Women will bake you pies because of your mega size. – Dorothy Sosa

    Your ,machete, got blunt, Sharpen it for effective use with Cia! – Alta Hagen

    Girls can talk about their men for hours. Are you worth of talking, – Penelope Russell

    Choose to be trendy, choose to be fashionable, choose to be cool. – Sybil Briggs

    If you are obsessed whether you are blessed, we know how to deal with that obsession. – Polly Mckinley

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