Mockers for Hire: The Charlene Rose Edition

2009 July 22
by mockers

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businesswoman Charlene X. Rose of Naperville, IL!  Guess what?  You’re today’s winner!  Come on down and we’ll talk for a little bit about all the shit that’s wrong with you. 

When I first looked at this picture, I thought that it was some sort of cheesy, stock photo of a business woman.  Then I looked into your eyes.  I can see the crazy.  I can see the insecurity that caused you to blame yourself when you found out Steven was cheating on you.  Wait, maybe that’s just a general look of insecurity…Well anyway, in case you didn’t know, Steven is cheating on you, you should blame yourself.  I can see the nervousness.  I bet a loud fart would send you diving under the desk.  Oh, and I can tell you’re not really on the phone.  What kind of disingenuous shitbag pretends like they’re on the phone for the company directory picture?

Charlene – you don’t have fibromyalgia.  No one does.  So shut up.  We don’t care about new fibromyalgia research or drugs.  We have no interest in discussing your fatigue and “general aches and pains”. We do care, however, that everybody else has to do your stupid job when you call in twice a freakin’ week because your “symptoms” are acting up.  Your job is to answer the phone and shuffle paper, if you can sit at home and play World of Warcraft…and then blog about World of Warcraft in the voice of your character (yes, we know about the blog)…and then post podcasts about World of Warcraft in the voice of your character (yes, we know about the podcast and no, you’re not a good actor) then you can certainly come answer the phone and shuffle papers, asshole.

Do you believe, Charlene, that the flatus of a 100 pound woman is somehow undetectable? Because, wow!  We are scared to go anywhere near your work area.  We went into your office during one of your many “fibro days” to steal some stamps and the entire room smelled of stale vegan farts.  I know you were mad when we opened the window and let your shit blow all over, but it was a public service, believe you me sister! 

The good news is that we know exactly what foods to run away from if we want to avoid having the ‘vegan gas of death’ because you constantly subject us to condescending rants about what you eat and instruct us that if we’d eat the same things, we’d be happy and healthy like you…you know, the bitch that calls in sick on Monday and Friday and fills the building with ‘veggie crap vapors’ from Tuesday through Thursday…the bitch who is always either judging people or complaining that she is being unfairly judged…the bitch who is so addicted to a fake world filled with weirdos who masturbate to hentai that she invented a disease so she could stay home and hang out with them more often…the bitch with the crazy, crazy eyes who is talking on the phone to no one.

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  1. 2009 July 22

    As crazy as this sounds, I know someone JUST LIKE THIS WOMAN!
    She gave ME a rash of shit about my lifestyle and then I discovered her “secret life” on the internet.
    You nailed this one!
    Great stuff!

  2. 2009 July 22

    Something about those crazy eyes. I wanna fuck her.

  3. 2009 July 22
    tilly permalink

    charlene you don;t have fibromyalgia- no one does. LOL
    Pure gold.

  4. 2009 July 22

    Jeezum Crow, I feel sorry for you Charlene. You’ve been mocked gurl!!!

  5. 2009 July 22

    Looks like one of those cliquers from highschool that just went to shit mentally when the real world began after graduation.

    Gotta love that.

  6. 2009 July 25
    Nezrite permalink

    Not everyone who plays WoW is insane.

    Or are we?

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