Penis Origami with Lakr

2013 February 4
by mockers

BeethovenFunny story.  There was a certain evening in SF where I met a gal at a pub, who was quite amorous, & we took the block and a half stroll to my place.

We tumbled on my bed, and after about 30 seconds of violent mashing she was safecracking my jeans, and once she dialed in the code, she went to town.

An epic BJ…slobbering with full hand action and twisting of the mouth on different angles. She knew her dicks, that was for sure. So of course after about a minute of this treatment, like any dude that doesn’t have a Van Nuys area code,  I blasted.  I was drunk, but wasn’t THAT drunk – she had just played Fur Elise on my beef whistle, and a standing ovation.

Now here I was, the buzz of many beers and an epic orgasm floating through me, and this gal is leering at me for more.  I knew I didn’t have another one in me, but I felt obligated to try. I pushed her over and diddled her for the required amount of time when I got the salute from LF Jr that we were good to go.  Message not received.

I had what I like to call a ‘medium bendable.’ We weren’t ready for action, but we were doing tired calisthenics.  She was no virgin, so she could receive a summer sausage if needed.

Bottom line, I folded my cock in half and jammed it into that slathery mess.  She moaned approval…so I kept at it. But as my boner unfolded, the sex became impossible.  When I put my half-mast self  into that canyon, there just wasn’t enough friction to keep Junior alive…that whore…totally her fault.

So she left unsatisfied – and I went into the living room and played PGA Tour Golf with my roommates and smoked bowls.


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  1. 2013 February 5
    Emily permalink

    “Medium bendable,” a half step above whiskey dick. LOL—it’s been a long time since there was anything new here but I enjoyed it!

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