People Who Back Into Parking Spaces Can Kiss My Ass

2009 November 25
by mockers


A few days ago I was driving through a grocery store parking lot, when my forward progress was interrupted and I was forced to sit and wait for yet another shitpouch to back his car into a parking space.  I’m not sure if I fully understand why this bothers me so much, but I have a few theories…

First of all, I believe there’s a lot of theatrics involved – hick theatrics.  It’s not absolute, there are exceptions to the rule, but I’ve noticed that many of the backwards parkers are tinged in hick.  You know, people in Member’s Only jackets, with a well-known brand loyalty to a particular motor oil, and that sort of thing?

It seems to be a matter of pride among this demographic to go into a parking spot backwards, like they’re making a heroic statement of some sort.  But that’s where I get stumped.  Why is it something to be proud of?  How does it make you more of a badass?

I’ve pondered this question for a long time, and can’t come up with a satisfactory answer.  Sometimes when I’m home alone I even stand in front of a mirror, and say, “I back into parking spaces…” in a menacing growl.  But it just makes me look like an idiot.

Other groups that seem to believe backwards parking is a defining triumph include old men, exotic foreigners, the morbidly obese, douche nozzles, and standard blowhard assholes.  Again, I have no idea why.

Over the years I’ve asked people why they go in butt-first, and have never received a decent answer.  Most make a joke out of it, and say, “So I can make a quick getaway!”

And that just pisses me off.  As a joke it’s lame, and as an explanation it’s nonsensical.  Make a quick getaway?  From where, Red Robin?  Michael’s yarn store?  Sam’s Club?  What a hero!

The other stock answer is some kind of muddled treatise about safety.  They apparently believe it’s safer to back in than to back out.

But seriously…  If a person views the backing of a car from a parking space outside a retail store as simply too risky, maybe they shouldn’t be driving at all.  Perhaps they should just stay home and play Sudoku, tend to the teapot, and watch “the Wheel?”

Oh, wait!  Teapots get hot and can be dangerous, can’t they?  That might be even more terrifying than putting a car in REVERSE, and traveling at 1 mph.  So strike that.

No, I think it all goes back to my original point, regardless of the phony explanations offered.  I believe it’s rooted in theatrics.  I think backwards-parkers are putting on a show of some sort, just showing off.  They believe it makes them seem nonconformist, jaunty, and to be marching to a different drummer.

You know, like people who are defined by their hatred of a popular TV show, or who tell everyone about their love of fast food pickles.

It’s all very confusing, as well as infuriating.  Because backing into a space takes a lot more time than backing out of one. Oh, I haven’t timed it with a stopwatch, but I know it to be true.  Backing-in is a big arrogant production, and interrupts our forward progress. It’s an inconvenience to the rest of us, and is both selfish and idiotic.

So yeah, the people who back into parking spaces can go ahead and start kissing my ass. But be sure to wear safety goggles, because you never know when something might go wrong.

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  1. 2009 November 25
    WaukeeQT permalink

    Cops do this. Endlessly. I can always spot a cop’s POV in any parking lot.

  2. 2009 November 25
    WB in OH permalink

    We got a handful here at work that back in. I don’t think they’re hicks but they are definitely DOUCHEBAGS!

  3. 2009 November 25

    The end of the Monty Python Bicycle Repairman sketch would be perfect to go along with this!

  4. 2009 November 25
    Ginger permalink

    Well, you have cleared one thing up for me – thanks! I always just assumed that ALL MEN would park backward if they had the time. I thought it was just a “guy thing.” As my husband and I walk through parking lots, I imagine him glancing about enviously at the car parked backward, thinking, “If I only had had more time…”

    The weird thing for me is that I have never seen one of those guys ACTUALLY performing the act… it’s like they arrive 3 hours before everyone else so they can get it just right, and have first pick of the lot. I swear. Never seen it in real time!

    Oh, and I know one person who does it… he isn’t a hick, but he is in law enforcement. I agree with you, it is all about the non-conformist, jaunty, different drummer flash.

  5. 2009 November 25
    Vicki permalink

    Show off bastards. When I see one of those maneuvers, I generally smile to myself and think “I’ve got the same permissions you do, asshole, and I can’t even pull in a parking space straight–big whoop.”

  6. 2009 November 25
    Dawn permalink

    Here’s another group of people to add to the list of backer-inners…government workers. I work for my local government, and every single morning get caught in a fucking traffic jam in my parking garage thanks to one fucking person after another backing into parking spots…the bunch of selfish fuckers. If you think about it, government workers totally fit the profile, and yes though I am one, I rise above and pull into a spot like a normal fucking human being every day.

  7. 2009 November 25
    DTO permalink

    Two words…Jump-Fucking-Start. Not only are the pricks taking up your time, they have no idea what condition their battery is in and…they’ll ask you for a jump-start AND if you have jumper cables. Some AAA tow truck guy told them one time, that’s what they should do from now on…”Always back in…just in case.”

  8. 2009 November 25

    Jeff… As I’ve explained before, it’s for safety. Everyone has those “sheep mobiles” these days (SUV’s for those not in the know) and you can’t see around or through them when you’re backing up. If you’ll take the time to notice, the majority of folks driving through parking lots take it as a speed challenge. They must drive through there as fast as possible, because, after all the World revolves around them. They pay no attention to others around them as they drive carelessly along. With backing in (I prefer the forward “pull-through” method), you’re body isn’t twisted around in an unnatural position. You’re facing forward and able to look both ways quicker than twisting your head around with your body following along.

    Does this make sense? Or are you content knowing that one day you may find yourself uttering the words, “That asshole came out of nowhere when I was backing out.”

  9. 2009 November 26
    TexasGodfather permalink

    Another curious thing about the fucksticks who back into parking places, is that they will back into an angled parking place which is angled in a direction that forces them to leave in the opposite direction than is intended. This, of course, creates a traffic hazard. Watch and you will also notice an “I just poo pooed in my pants grin”

  10. 2009 November 26
    Kevindust permalink

    Thank you Eugene. As stated, the drive-through spot is always best.
    Reason 1: see Eugene’s post, as a defensive driver it is a way of protecting my baby from careless idiots racing through parking lots.
    Reason 2: it is better for the transmission, differrential and clutch (if applicable) You are reversing and backing up while the car is warmed up and the tranny/diff fluids are flowing nicely. Cold shifts are hard on the car. Backing in will extend the life of your driveline, especially if you live in a cold climate and will be parked for more than an hour. It may not seem like a big deal but 2-3 cold reverses per day over the life of the car adds up.
    Reason 3: it is much faster to nose out of your spot, make eye contact with other drivers and pull into busy parking lot traffic than blindly backing out partway and waiting for things to clear.

    p.s. I am not a hick or a cop and have only recently become a government worker, I’ve been backing into parking spots for 20 years. Call me a douche if you want, but I really like my car. I’m just an automobile enthusiast who follows driver etiquette. I bet you folks who always pull in nose first are the same one’s who never signal and who drive constantly in the passing lane on the freeway.

  11. 2010 May 7
    Jim permalink

    Your an idiot. If your experienced enough as a driver you would realize that backing in is safer and quicker when your good at it. It also, more importantly, shows that your more skilled than an idiot that backs out into traffic. Learn to think outside the box and realize that 99% of people in this world are followers and will die mindless like yourself. I bet you believe dinosaurs never existed and the bible is fact….

  12. 2010 May 30
    Ryan permalink

    This blog is actually one of the more accurate explanations, in my opinion. It’s still lacking the fact that all of these douchebags that back in think that their car is so freakin’ great and it must be displayed for everyone to marvel at from the front.
    This type of conspicuous consumer would especially be someone that leases a BMW and has an iPhone.
    The people claim safety reasons are full of shit. No one would admit that they’re showing off a car that anyone else is entitled to own.

  13. 2010 July 10
    Mike permalink

    I have an F350 4 door long bed that I use for work, the crew cab for hauling around workers, and the long bed for hauling building supplies, tools, etc. I ALWAYS back in to places. The truck turns much tighter when in reverse. Try it for yourself. When the turning wheels are the trailing wheels, you are able to turn much tighter (if you ever see a forklift, the pivoting wheels are in the back). Once you learn how to judge space and use your mirrors, backing in is a lot easier to pull in and out of. I didn’t realise so many people got angry at this. But then again, perhaps its because they don’t understand. Just try it, you’ll see why. Much tighter turning radius.

  14. 2010 July 11
    Cathy permalink

    I think you’re making alot of unfair assumptions about back-inners. Drivers for FedEx and UPS are also trained to back in, or go for a pull-through whenever possible. It’s so much more likely to back into someone or something because our heads don’t swivel around like a bird’s, nor do we have our eyes on either side of our heads like they do! I always feel like I’ve scored when I get a “pull-through” because a don’t like backing up in parking lots where so many jerks like to speed down the aisles like it’s a major thoroughfare. As a matter of fact, I’ve been backed into twice in parking lots and backed into someone else once in a parking lot. The only accidents I’ve ever been in. I do avoid backing into spaces so far, because I agree it tends to make one look like a douche-I don’t know why.

  15. 2010 August 24
    enoilgat permalink

    I work at a large UPS that has a parking lot filled with hundreds of cars. There are a lot of teenagers that drive 30 mph through the lot and make it difficult for people to reverse out of a spot. Also, about 30% of the employees own enormous trucks that make it impossible to see around. During the winter a driver’s visibility is lessened even more considerably. Combine all of these factors and backing-in becomes inevitable.

    After I got used to backing into spots I realized the numerous advantages and seemingly perform this maneuver whenever possible. However, I do take care to notice other drives around me when backing-in. Not because I give a damn about their impatience, but because I fear that the person that was texting on their cell phone that just turned left with their right blinker on after driving over the line through a curved road and didn’t turn their lights on during a downpour is the one sitting behind me while I am reversing.

    FYI, I drive a 1994 Toyota Camry so I could care less who gives a damn about how it looks.

  16. 2010 September 15
    Chief permalink

    I think Kevindust has been mislead by someone that told him shifting your car while it’s cold causes more wear, but he has no idea why. Some of this MIGHT have been true 50 years ago (but probably not). Not for modern cars/trucks.
    Nothing about a transmission, clutch or differential wears more when it is cold. In fact, a hot clutch is more likely to get worn out. The more heat/friction there is, the more it can wear. Why do you think they call a worn out clutch “burned out”?
    When gears in the transmission or differential are hot (like everything else), they expand. This means there is less clearance between them as they mesh together, and so, they are more likely to damage eachother due to interference. Also, the hotter the metal is, the less strength it has, again making damage more likely.
    Plus any damage caused between gears at such low peeds as parking is miniscule compared to that of highway driving.
    He sure sounded like he knew what he was talking about though, didn’t he? Yeah, that’s the kind of arrogant ass that backs in. . . unless you drive a pick-up with a large overhang, then you get a free pass to back in and keep that rig from sticking out.

  17. 2010 October 15
    Dave permalink

    Easy out. Its easier to pull out than back out. I get it if you arent skilled enough to back in.

  18. 2010 October 27
    John permalink

    I live in a townhouse community with a large parking lot. There are plenty of spots to choose from, so you’re not blocked by other cars being next to you when you back out to leave. Even though there is NO reason for it at all, I have one neighbor who ALWAYS parks backwards. He can leave for five minutes and then return, only to do it again. (He did this five times in an hour once) And what makes it completely insane to me is, HE SUCKS AT PARKING!!! It takes him at least three tries to get it, and most of the time he’s still crooked between the lines. He just traded in his pickup for a new sports car, which makes matters worse. Before it was just pointless ignorance, but now it’s loud and pointless ignorance. I only park backwards to load or unload something. Although I see the point behind some arguments I’ve heard that it’s safer to not back out as to avoid children, I logically see the contradiction in this theory… You’re still making a backwards movement into the space! To me the only difference is the extra effort and time it takes to back in. I know it would never be against the law, but it should be!

  19. 2011 March 1
    Bob permalink

    OMG it’s a good job you guys don’t live (and park) in the UK. People who can’t and won’t reverse park here are considered clueless asswipes who are unable to drive:P I mean WTF I can reverse park as fast as you can nose your car into a parking spot here in the UK (yeah we don’t have parking at angles here and spaces are made for the smallest car so it is FAR FAR easier to reverse in than to nose in 🙂 and I’m not kidding when I say that either !!:)

  20. 2011 March 15
    Bruce permalink

    Bob – No you cant. It is simple math. In the time it takes you to pull past the parking spot and put your car in reverse to begin your backing procedure I have pulled into the same spot forward, got out of the car and flipped you off for being an idiot.

    And I have been in European parking garages. It took forever because everyone was taking 10 times as long to back into their tiny spots as they would backing out. Also, when I had to load the trunk (boot to you) I had to squeeze to the back with everything I was caring, slide between the concrete wall and the back of the car just to be everything stowed.

    Back-inners always focus on leaving and ignore everything else about the parking process. They must all be bank robbers.

  21. 2011 May 28
    Steve permalink

    I love this. You nailed it man; theatrics. I would be willing to bet most of these turds exit from their charriots donning Bluetooth headsets as well. I can kinda see the ‘large truck’ angle, but then again, a significant portion of ‘large truck’ drivers only bought the damn truck to make their balls feel bigger; they don’t actually need a truck at all.

    And the best part, most of the defendants on here are making comments about skill level. If not directly saying it, the whole long-winded technical/mechanical reasonings for backing in serve as another platform for these douchebags to showcase their authority. Fuck you losers. If you want to stand out, learn some jokes or get a promotion or something. Backing-in to a parking spot is certifiably gay.

  22. 2011 July 9
    Carol permalink

    I don’t back into spots but am sure going to start doing so now. I had to get a jump start for my battery yesterday, and the fellow who helped me first had to push me (in neutral gear, natch) out of my spot. Fortunately, there was plenty of room in the parking lot. In a crowded lot this sure wouldn’t have worked very well at all.

  23. 2011 July 13
    Backbone permalink

    It’s amazing how wound up the nose parkers are. It’s not only easier to leave but more importantly safer to drive head out into traffic. I’ve seen a few back out accidents where the backing up driver could see an oncoming car, while the car coming through was paying attention.

    Either way, the time you save parking head first is lost when you need to be extra cautious when backing out. And don’t forget the extra time and money wasted when you accidentally back into oncoming traffic.

  24. 2011 August 11
    Chuck permalink

    You people are all beating a dead horse. It’s not a matter of wear and tear of the vehicle or how fast you do it. It takes the same amount of time to park nose in or back in (you have to back up at some point). If the opportunity presents itself, without holding up traffic, choose to back in. When its time to leave, you can do so safer and more efficently. The vast majority of people out driving suck at it so I can see why there would be great resistance. I have 3 immaculate vehicles and backing in is not my opportunity to show them off. I go to car meets and shows for that. Backing in is my opportunity to protect my vehicle, and manuver it into the spot exactly where I want it. The original poster to this topic is a quack, who probably drives a rusty hunk of shit or some made in japan (or korea) plastic wind up toy and is pissed at the world

  25. 2011 August 16
    Gillis permalink

    People, people, people.

    Do you all need jobs, hobbies or just a good night’s sleep? Maybe a good lay.

    It’s a large nation folks!!! And yeah, big enough for those who back up and those who pull in. Duschebagss? Assholes? Hicks? Bastards? Turds? Losers? Bank Robbers?

    Kiss the initial bloggers ass? No thanks! I’d rather stamp her or his forehead with “MORON”.

  26. 2011 August 17
    Warren Buffett permalink

    I back into parking spaces because I can’t see over the other cars, SUVs and trucks until the lane is blocked when I have to back out. When I pull out forward, I can see much sooner.

    Invariably, there’s always some entitlement-minded skinny snot-nosed douchebag in a tricked out rice grinder with toy wheels that constitutes an investment of his entire net worth for the next ten years who’s speeding down the lane when you back out.

    If you pulled in forward, you’ll back into his path coming out because you can’t see past the Ford Excursion parked next to you until your car is blocking the lane. Of course, the douchebag will whine that it’s your fault because you were backing when the collision occurred.

    When you’re backing into a space you can see everything behind you and be sure the snotty little douchebag behind you isn’t moving before you back in.

    But I don’t expect the snotty little douchebags to comprehend these things. They’ll continue to whine about being late for their job at McDonald’s because they had to wait a few seconds for me to back into my space.

  27. 2011 November 11
    badda$$ permalink

    Listen here you single minded nit-wit.
    Maybe if you read this article and not be so single minded, and pull your head outta your arse, you’d have a better understanding as to why it’s better to back in.

  28. 2011 November 16
    Bruce permalink

    I just came back to this story and I have to laugh again about all the people singing the praises of backing in – specifically the ones mentioning that you see traffic better when you pull forward out of a spot. FYI – in most cars the drivers head is closer to the back bumper than the front. In other words you can actually see the traffic sooner backing out of a spot than pulling forward. No matter what car you drive though the drivers head is near the center of the car so there is really a negligible difference.

    The only argument I have ever seen for backing in is the fact that if you need a jump start the battery is more accessible. This is true, but I have only needed a grand total of 1 jump starts in the past 10 years so it is not a very compelling reason.

  29. 2011 December 22
    Paula permalink

    One thing that no one has addressed is the fact that those who insist on backing in are requiring the rest of us to be mind readers. While you have pulled up as if you were pulling into a space across the isle I am suppose to know that you are not pulling into that space but actually backing into the other one. It would be one thing if there were an indictor to let us know but I for one was not born a mind reader. When a car is backing out of a space everyone knows this is your intention.

  30. 2012 January 2
    Deborah permalink

    I love this!! All of my hillbilly neighbors back their big useless trucks into their driveways or illegally into the cul-de-sac.

    It’s obvious to me that they only do it to be noticed as they certainly don’t need to make a quick getaway in Sellersville, PA located in Bucks County which is one of the safest areas in the suburbs of Philadelphia. They do it because they are HILLBILLIES! Did I mention that they all drive pick up trucks that have covers over the beds and/or short beds that NEVER carry any cargo?

    People that back int parking spaces are just plain trailer trash!

  31. 2012 February 7
    PhantomOfTheParkingLot permalink

    Actually, the theatrics involved are right here. Pretentious, unwarranted, undereducated, overly-animated, snobbish rant of the day/week/month.

    Children who can’t be bothered, who are always in a hurry, who are worth more than everyone else, and think they know better because of whatever gene is broken in their strands from whatever pollution/drugs/poisoned vegetables/exotic animals their parents consumed.

    We’ve got news for you, you never learned half as much as those that came before you because the educational requirements are constantly dumbed down for the lowest common denominator (you). You can’t parallel park (requires backing as well) and are too self absorbed to understand that courtesy is a part of safety, so you will drive right up the ass of the educated person that is backing to parallel park while you are texting on your cell phone because you are so much brighter and more coordinated than everyone else and the rules don’t apply to you.

    You have no courtesy because you have no soul. You have no reason for your pitiful existence, so you must complain, you must justify yourself, you must reach out and blame and malign because if you don’t do unto others first they will do unto you.

    You, the constant, chronic complainers are the true douche-bags, idiots and undereducated hicks.

  32. 2012 March 6
    Safe Driver permalink

    I prefer pull through, however, I hate to back out of a parking space for the following reasons:
    1. People see you trying to back out and walk behind you anyway, usually with a child in tow;
    2. Seems everyone, but me, has huge cars, vans, suv’s, or trucks, I can’t see past them to know if anyone is flying down the parking lot. I know that your time is more important than anyone else, so that is why you have to drive so fast through a parking lot.
    3. Most parking lot accidents are because someone is back out & didn’t see the other car.
    Everyone has the right to park any way they want. It does not, however, give you the right to bad mouth everyone that does not do things the way you do them. That goes for both sides of the argument. If everyone followed the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would do unto you”, the world would be a happier, peaceful place.

  33. 2012 March 20
    Kyle permalink

    I happened onto this article in a Google Search. My girlfriend likes to tease me about how I always back into parking spaces. Quite honestly, it doesn’t take me much more time to back into parking spaces than it does to pull in. I’m only 18 years old. I’ve had my license for a year and a half. What’s is the excuse of these people who are too afraid to back in, and instead blame the people that do of being self-glorifying?

    I suppose I picked up on the habit from my father. He’s always backed into parking spaces. Not because it offers a “quick getaway”, but because it offers some visibility when pulling out to leave. After all, what takes more time…waiting for someone to back into a parking space, or an insurance claim as you back out of your space in front of someone racing around the parking lot space? Or even backing over a small child that wandered away from their parent and behind your reversing vehicle?

    I will say, as I do with parallel parking (as I frequent Providence), if people are behind me as I go to park I will let them pass. I put on my directional, pull as far to the right as possible and wait for a good opening to back in. If they sit and wait, then I get the job done and let them get on their way.

    In addition, I find it easier to get lined up when backing in. You can lean forward and use your side mirrors to line the side of your car up with painted line on the ground when you back in. When pulling in, you are usually blind to where you are, aside from your distance of the car in front of you and the cars next to you. Sadly, however, using mirrors isn’t something many drivers know how to do nowadays.

    Another fear: backing into the car behind you. Any time I drive a car I am not familiar with, I get familiar with it. For example, when I purchased my car, I lined up an empty garbage can, being able to see it in my rear view mirror and slowly backed up until my bumper tapped it. That gave me a reference point for how far back my bumper reaches. Therefore, I am able to back into a parking space and can stop just an inch before bumping the car behind me. Good party trick 😉

    In conclusion, I choose to back into parking spaces to make life simpler. For myself, yes. But also for the small child I mentioned earlier. For the parking-lot speeder during the holiday season. And I worked on the skill and speed of backing in to make the lives of the people waiting for me easier. So instead of blaming people for wasting just seconds of your life, maybe learn how to drive yourself…

    Also, I hope you get backed into by someone who pulled into a parking space.

  34. 2012 May 1
    Chaosevil permalink

    LOL, you backing in people are just plain stupid. Just wait until you hit someone pulling forward, guess who your insurance company will side with? I have been hit by someone pulling nose first and they got 100% fault. Wanna know why? There are no signal indications on the front of your car (aka reverse lights), you are negating safety willingly and are 100% at fault.
    I look for “reverse lights” when driving down and walking the parking lane as do others, this make me more alert just in case you don’t see me coming. There is a reason cars have reverse lights, dumb asshats.

  35. 2012 May 1
    Backbone permalink

    Chaosevil, you must have no kids because you’ve backed into them and ran them over because you couldn’t see them as you backed out.

  36. 2012 June 28
    DragonXKS permalink

    I think I might have an answer about Backer-inners. If you ever go to a classic car show evry car is backed in so they can show off the front (most interesting) of the car. I think the dill holes who back in driving anything newer than 1975 are just fucking retards trying to show off thier piece of shit truck and car. Almost every vehicle i see backed in ia an overlifted truck (guys with smalls dicks do this to compentsate. ) on 35″ and almost always a chevy, ford or dodge. Some times the take 2 spaces. When i see this backing in manuver done in front of me i just lay on the horn while flipping them the bird. If anything it makes me feel better 🙂

  37. 2012 July 6
    Fuckyou asshole permalink

    Everywher you can legally drive your vehicle is one of two things, traffic or parking .I would rather back into an empty parking space than traffic. FUCK YOU.

  38. 2012 August 5
    Brian permalink

    If you really felt this way, why dont you just tell whoever’s backing their car up to kiss your ass, instead of complaining about it from behind your computer monitor?

  39. 2012 August 6
    Jayesse permalink

    Backing into spaces is the more SELFISH of the 2 methods. Here’s why: When you back into a spot, you have a higher probability of holding up traffic. Because you see the spot, you have to make your maneuver then, even if there are 10 cars queuing up behind you. They must wait for you. You do NOT hold up the same traffic by parking head-in. When leaving, you presumably will LOOK for traffic before you head out (frontwards or backwards), but you will wait until the coast is clear. So your backer-inners are spending your whole driving lives causing countless additional waiting hours for everyone else – probably hundreds of hours in your lifetime.

  40. 2012 August 25
    Backbone permalink

    Note that the accident was from backing up – NOT driving forward. The father now probably wished he didn’t back up!

    Child dead after being hit by car driven by father
    Chris FoxAUGUST 18

    Chris Fox
    An eight-year-old boy has died and his 36-year-old mother is fighting for her life in hospital after a vehicle driven by a family member backed into them outside the Ontario Science Centre, police say.

    It happened at around 11:10 a.m. in a secondary parking lot near Gateway Boulevard and Don Mills Road.

    According to Staff Sgt. Brian Bowman, the parking lot was closed to vehicles at the time of the accident with chains blocking off its entrance and exit.

    The vehicle was driven by the boy’s father.

    “It appears that the mother and son had been planning to attend the Ontario Science Centre and had been let out when somehow the vehicle lost control while reversing and struck both of them before coming to a rest ,” Bowman told CP24. “It appears to be purely a tragic accident. I don’t like to use the word accident but if we are going to use it today might be the day.”

    The child was rushed to SickKids Hospital via emergency run but was pronounced dead some time later.

    According to Bowman, the father accompanied his son to SickKids Hospital, where he remains.

    “He’s going through quite a lot right now and when appropriate we will be interviewing him,” he said.

    The mother is at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre with life-threatening injuries.

    Investigation continues

    The investigation into the accident is ongoing, though Bowman said speed likely wasn’t a factor.

    Surveillance camera video footage showing the incident has been viewed by police and should shed some light, Bowman added.

    “We do have video, it’s been viewed by our reconstruction officers and will be important to our investigation,” he said.

    More to come…

  41. 2012 October 7
    Eduardo permalink

    Hi from Spain!

    When I get my driving license, I usually park “normally”.

    Three weeks later, I hit a car with my back.

    Since then, I only park back, is safer, quicker, and easyer (usually).

    Here in spain we don’t have too much space in our olds citys with historical city centers, so you need to park in very tight spaces, and usually is easyer to park back than front.

  42. 2012 December 5

    Why are you crying like a bitch?

  43. 2013 January 16

    I’ve never really given it any thought, mostly because this has never bothered me. I learned to park my Humvee “tactically” in the Army while serving overseas, allowing for a quick egress, if necessary. Guess I’m stuck in “tactical” mode now, when it comes to parking (or seating arrangements – I like to face the entrance/exit). However, I prefer to find spaces that allow for the pull-through method, so I don’t have to back in at all. I’ll even park farther away from the entrance to get a pull-through spot.

    I agree with those people who suggest that it’s safer to pull forward into parking lot traffic, rather than backwards. I see a lot of SUV mom’s talking on their cellphones while driving too fast through a parking lot. I’d rather “waste” my time slowly backing into a parking space, then dealing with insurance claims and bodywork headaches for weeks.

    I’m a close-to-middle-aged male, a combat veteran (past life) and an engineer (current life). I’m a naturalized US citizen (arrived here from Europe when I was a kid), grew up in the south, and living in the northeast. I drive a Prius as a commuter car, a full-sized 4×4 pickup truck when I need to, and a European convertible for fun on the weekends. I park them all the same way. I have a 35hp tractor that I back into my barn sometimes, but not all the time (depends on how I feel that day). Does that break your stereotype? 😀

    Maybe I’m an asshole – I don’t think so, but that doesn’t matter anyway. I stumbled on this diatribe while searching for something else, found it amusing, and thought I’d comment. I hope someone benefits from my efforts. Thanks for the pleasant diversion. Enjoy the rest of your day.

    Back to my original search…

  44. 2013 February 8
    Skankapotamous permalink

    Do you really give a shit about how people stick their car in your slot? Really? You and your supporters can infer that a driver is a prideful hick with insecurities about his (always HIS) itty bitty penis, simply by the orientation of his big old scary truck in a parking lot?

    The belligerent sense of entitlement is amazing. You are infuriated. About parking polarity. There oughta be a law, huh? Yeah someone should make a LAW so people can’t do or have things you don’t like. Fuck backwards parkers. They should all be put in jail because they aren’t as smart as me. They probably drink sweetened beverages from containers with volumes greater than 20 ounces too. Damn. People who do stuff different than me are idiots and a scourge on society. (I’ll go ahead and make a broad assumption here that you do, on the other hand, think the man should legalize “it”)

    I bet during the course of the day you tell all your friends how open-minded and awesome you are. You probably have a token black friend and gay friend and shinto-lesbian-eskimo friend that you don’t really hang out with that much but tell all your other friends about to prove how open-minded and smart and socially progressive you are with your pokemon-friend collection. Unlike those tea-bagging/christian/WASP/’murica-lovin backwards parkers. Damn parkwards assbites. Fuck those guys. Deyz hatin.

  45. 2013 February 27
    Carlos permalink

    Never really knew, but the folks who do it at work are the union people who must punch a time clock. It apparently allows them to get home 4 seconds earlier.

  46. 2013 March 13
    steven permalink

    I cant even finish this article. There are PLENTY of logical reasons to back in/head out parking. I cant believe I have to explain this… Here we go.
    First off it is much safer to back in/head out park. 14% of car accidents happen from people pulling out of parking spots due to their blind spots and inability to see oncoming traffic with vehicles parked on each side of you, and blocking your vision.

    2nd – MOST IMPORTANTLY in my area there are little children who like to dart out running/skateboarding or whatever kids like to do.

    3rd – Also has your car battery ever died before? Would be a hell of a benefit if you got a jump for your car, and your engine was easily accessible because you were smart enough to back into your spot.

    4th – If you’re loading or unloading your car and you were smart enough to back up then it keeps you further away from the street so you are less likely to get hit by traffic.

    5th – If you have children as passangers and you backed in/head out parked you are between the child and the road when getting out of the car.

    Yeah I applaud the people intelligent enough to back in/ head out park

  47. 2013 April 7
    Yea permalink

    You all are idiots what do you think is safer A.backing in to trafficic or B. Pulling into traffic nose first

  48. 2013 April 9
    Mike permalink

    Thanks Steve, took the word right out of my mouth. On top of that, who cares…why do people worry, go crazy over stupid stuff. Why are you stressing yourself out over me backing into a parking space. It has nothing to with ego, pride, status, rich, members only jacket, BMW, ford escort, or who I work for. Just make sure you stop texting/drinking and driving…and use your blinker! God Bless you have a STRESS free day.

  49. 2013 August 4
    Larry permalink

    I back in to most parking lot spaces for two reasons. The first is I can see the space I’m about to back into and it will be safer than trying to back out of a space into arrogant parking lot traffic. Leaving the space I can now pull out in a forward move. The second is my past employer required all drivers to back in and pull out of spaces or face disciplined action. Hence, my reason and I agree with the safety aspect.

  50. 2013 August 20
    NoiseNatzi permalink

    Backing into parking spaces cause a potential safety hazard!

    I suppose all these people have their own reasons for parking this way but I’ve got news for them. It is a safety hazard to back in to a parking space. It is also very time consuming and disrupts the flow of traffic in a busy parking lot.
    How do you tell the car behind you that you plan to back into a space?

    Maybe you have an after-market sign that lights up and reads “I need room to back into this space because I am an idiot”.

    The bottom line here is if you are “backed in” the people driving by your parking space have no warning that you are about to drive away. If you wind screen is tinted or has glare you may have just contributed to an accident. If you are parked properly as soon as you put your foot on the brake the stop lights warn all the approaching traffic that the vehicle is now occupied and may need to back out soon and most safe drivers slow down when they see the tail lights come on.
    I have seen drivers spend over two minutes of their life getting their big truck backed in just the way they want it. Pulling forward many times and making sure the distance from the truck to each parking space line is the same. They get out and look back at their achievement as if they had just completed construction of the Golden Gate Bridge.
    Five minutes later they drive away.

    Oh yeah! There is no white back-up warning lights on the front of your vehicle to tell passing cars that you are moving.

  51. 2013 September 5
    Drew permalink

    People who claim safety when backing into parking spots are full of shit. You have to back over the same distance when driving forwards or backwards- if you can’t back out of a parking spot, you shouldn’t be on the road. Every car that backs in should be keyed. Not saying I do that. Not saying I don’t.

  52. 2013 December 8
    Schmitty96 permalink

    To the idiots who say it isn’t safer to back into a spot you are so full of shit. Especially Drew. It isn’t about backing the same distance you moron. It’s about the drastically larger blindspot you have when having to back up out the spot into traffic. Statistics show that there are many more accidents due to idiots like yourself who can’t figure out how to back into a spot yet think you are a superior driver.

    The only douchebags out there are the people to impatient to wait a few seconds for a person to park in a safer manner. Many companies require peopel to reverse park also. So go gent bent you assholes.

  53. 2014 February 11
    NoiseNatzi permalink

    Drivers backing into parking spaces

    Here is another attempt at explaining this but I know that the people doing the to reverse parking are not likely to read this.

    If you are “backed in” the people driving by your parking space have no warning that you are about to drive away. There is no white warning lights on the front of your vehicle showing other drivers that the vehicle is now occupied and may be about to move. If you wind screen is tinted or has glare you may have just contributed to an accident. If you are parked properly as soon as you put your foot on the brake the stop lights warn all the approaching traffic that the vehicle is now occupied and may need to back out soon and most safe drivers slow down when they see the tail lights come on. If the parking space you are in is a good one another safe driver will stop, flash their lights an allow you to back out safely. If someone or something is behind your vehicle when you are backing out the driver waiting on your parking space can sound the horn and warn you. Now we have a cooperation and a team effort to get the backing vehicle out of the space safely. Two heads are better that one.

    Thank you for reading

  54. 2014 March 17
    John permalink

    It is simple; backing into a spot is much easier due to the turning point being further away from the spot then pulling in forward. This is why you parallel park by reversing into the spot.

  55. 2014 March 27
    Josh permalink

    Backing in has nothing to do with any of that. It’s simply that if you pull in, you’ll have to deal with backing out. If you back in, you still have to back up. Either way, you have to deal with it, which is harder than driving forward, so its just common sense to deal with the harder thing first so its done and over with

  56. 2014 April 19
    bldaz permalink

    What a crock of shit. Only an complete and utter idiot would make a claim as preposterous as this. Put the damn wheel blocks back and get rid of this ridiculous issue once and for all.
    Easier to back in? Who has ever said it was hard? Not I, maybe you shouldn’t be driving if this is hard for you.
    Hey moron guess what? your still backing up and you cant see who is waking past you!!!! If you speed out of the spot instead of backing out slowly this gives no time to stop for walkers by!!! you speed out as if somebody just dropped the flag at a drag strip.
    YOUR in a parking lot douchebag.
    Oh, and I absolutely love the Assholes that just drive through the lot across all lines to look for that perfect spot only to drive through to the next one, WTF.
    Its all about you

  57. 2014 April 22
    Lou permalink

    Stats verify that backing in is safer and better for your vehicle. Safety people have promoted this for years (of which I am one). Perhaps you may wish to have a look at some reputable occupational health and safety sites for further information instead of taking anyone’s word for it. It takes minimal practice to get familiar with your vehicle (use a guide the first time if preferred).

    The main thing here is safety. Anger is a hazard on the road as well. Perhaps exploring coping mechanism can help to alter perspective and increase tolerance for other people with whom we share the world.

    All the best!

  58. 2014 May 1
    John permalink

    Drew, “People who claim safety when backing into parking spots are full of shit. You have to back over the same distance when driving forwards or backwards- if you can’t back out of a parking spot, you shouldn’t be on the road.”

    This is a ridiculously stupid argument. Its true that regardless of whether you reverse in or reverse out you are reversing the same distance, but that’s not the point. The point is if you reverse into a parking bay you can see everything around you, and you can see the people and traffic that are using the road. If you reverse out of a parking bay you cannot see anything, so you have no idea if you can hit someone if it’s too late. It’s far more likely for someone to be walking along the road than what it is for someone to be camped out inside the parking bay. That is why you do not need to see into the parking bay, but you DO need to see out of it. Frankly I don’t care if you have the ability to back OUT of a space or not, you just shouldn’t be doing it at all. People who do this do not deserve to drive on the roads I pay for. Frankly I think it’s quite the opposite – if you can’t reverse IN to a space, THEN you shouldn’t be on the road. Find some common sense.

  59. 2014 June 19
    Mark permalink

    A-phreaking-men. I cannot stand backwards parkers, for the reason you state – the block the parking row lane while they do it and you have to sit and wait for them to finish before you can move on (I also hate people who block the lane while they wait for someone to back out so that they can take that spot and be a couple yards closer to the building than they would be in the dozens of empty spots just beyond). It actually takes more time to back into a spot than it does to back out of it, so in aggregate, they are taking more time to deal with parking. I also don’t buy the safety argument. I’ve been driving for 22 years, and just by using my mirrors, turning to look behind me, and pulling out slowly I’ve never hit anyone or anything while backing out. Plus, it’s not tenable to use backing in as your standard mode of parking, because there are so many lots with angled spots, that if you backed in to these spots, you’d be facing the wrong way. I have also noticed there are an inordinate number of pick up truck drivers who back in, you know, the kind of guys who have a set of metal testicles swinging from the trailer hitch, and go apeshit at the suggestion that they might actually haul something in the bed and risk scratching it. I love how you sum it up as theatrics. These are self important people whose cars are fetish objects for them and don’t care that they are slowing you down while they park their precious F-150 backwards.

  60. 2014 July 7
    Ian Macdonald permalink

    The point all of this overlooks is that reverse parking rules create a safety hazard for anyone doing job of work, as opposed to merely getting to their desk to push a pen. If the adjacent spaces are occupied, then extracting a heavy object from the tailgate means carrying it over the roof of the vehicle, and this risks a back injury or damage to the vehicle.

    It also means having to park much further out from the wall, so as to be able to open the tailgate or rear doors, and it may mean having to unload goods into mud and filth in the gutter instead of onto clean roadspace.

    I had a run-in with a safety officer on one site for just this reason. When I explained that I would be suing the firm for any back injury incurred through the need to manhandle electrical cabinets over the roof of the car, he decided it wasn’t a good idea to contest the point.

  61. 2014 July 25
    Mitch Dubo permalink

    I found this link by doing a search on drivers who waste parking space.

    Wow…! You people have issues! Complaining about people who back into spaces????
    Are you jealous? I have NO problem backing into a spot. I only do it when it seems like it would be easier to exit (when a parking lot is awkwardly shaped or narrow), when I have valuable in the back and want to back up to a wall, if there is grass behind the spot, I will do it so less of my car is sticking out (less chance of being hit by bad parkers). And I don’t hold people up in parking lots because I would rather drive to the back of a lot than be an ass wipe who has to wait for the first spot they see upon entering from the road.

    I had no idea people had rage against people who back into spots… jeez people, get some help!!!

  62. 2014 August 6
    Nick permalink

    “Not because I give a damn about their impatience” from some schmuck above in the comments.

    YES. YOU are the problem with society. NO ONE GIVES A CRAP about your need to back in. When I see you pinheads back in or your fat wife about to get out of the car in the middle of the fucking parking lot, I GO THE FUCK AROUND YOU AND ALLOW MY FINGER TO DO THE TALKING you dumb schmuck.

    Start being PART of society and stop thinking you’re ABOVE it. You’re not. You’re not nearly as important as you think you are. Maybe, MAYBE only to your mommy.

  63. 2014 August 9

    CLEARLY you’re a raging psychopath. If the worst part of your day is waiting an extra 5 seconds for someone to park, get the fuck over yourself. The level of ignorance it took to write this just blows my mind… and the fact that so many ignorantly agree is not so surprising.

    To explain why you’re a waste of space would take entirely too long but I hope you don’t reproduce and possibly can figure it out for yourself one day but your lack of self awareness makes me doubt this very much.

  64. 2014 August 18
    Joe permalink

    You must be an absolute idiot. I do it for safety and so police cannot scan my plates.

  65. 2014 August 27
    Big News permalink

    People have a right of choice to park the way he or she wants to as long as it is legal and safe.
    Some people bring stress on themselves.

  66. 2014 October 6
    Chuck permalink

    You are a complete fool. Like most idiots you are probably a crappy driver who thinks your skills are far above where they actually are. You are basically admitting to knowingly backing out into an unknown situation where some other guy could be speeding past you at 50mph and total your car. Like most fools you assume that the rest of the world should look out for you, and you take no responsibility for your own actions. I’m sure that being able to see where you are going and being able to stop before someone crashes into you are not very important to you, but they are to me. And unlike most bad drivers out there, I can back in just as fast as I could pull in head first. You know how I can do that??? PRACTICE!!! It amazes me how you tards can drive every single day of your life and never actually get good at it. You must be a totally worthless person huh? You are no doubt the kind of moron who pays a plumber $500 to install a new shower head, or pays a locksmith to change the locks on your front door when it would have taken you literally 5 min and a single screwdriver. And when you are at a red light you take 2-3 seconds to realize that the light is green, EVERY SINGLE TIME; and if I am the 10th car back that means you idiots in front of me have wasted 20-30 seconds being ****tards who don’t pay attention! But who cares right? If you get through before it turns yellow that’s all that matters; screw everyone else behind you. Also you’re probably the type of idiot driver who uses his turn signal when merging from the right lane to the middle lane on a 3 lane highway in light traffic. Instead of just waiting an extra 5 seconds until that one lone car passes you just have to turn on your idiot light and force them to slow down or get out of your way. You probably cut out in front of people on a single lane road and then go 15mph slower than they were going, don’t you? You’re the kind of fool who I constantly have to drive around while waiting to turn onto a busy road because you have no depth perception or spatial awareness whatsoever and can’t determine that you could have gone twice already!!! You’re probably the kind of fool who waits for a pedestrian to walk past, and then waits until they’re another 10 feet away from your car before you start moving again, as if the guy is going to rubber-band backwards 15 feet like a graphic from a bad video card and hurl himself in front of your car for no reason whatsoever. People like you are the reason its faster for me to zip around the back of the walmart and circumvent the entire shopping center than it is to drive in front of the store. You’re the kind of idiot who drives for 5 miles with your turn signal on or who sits in your car in the parking spot (head in of course) with your reverse lights on for 5 min while you text someone, and the exact reason I honk instead of stopping. The world will not dumb itself down just so you can be made to feel less incompetent! So I and people like me will keep driving at a high level of efficiency and you and fools like you can keep causing accidents and inflating my insurance premiums because you suck at driving and at life. Cheers!

  67. 2014 October 6
    Chuck permalink

    AND.. you narrow minded fool- you forgot about all the time you and your idiot kind waste while backing out!

    It takes just as much time when I have to sit there and wait for your dumb *** to back out as it would have if I were waiting for you to back in!

    And you always take FOREVER! Even after you are far enough out to determine that its safe to continue, you go SO ******* SLOW! Whats the difference if you go 1 mph or 15 mph for the next 10 feet into a clear area? Well, nothing! Except then the line of cars waiting for your dumb *** doesn’t have to wait 15 seconds while you do a completely unnecessary 3 point turn because you have no idea how your car handles.

    FFS how can you fools drive a car for 5 years and still not know its turning radius?!? That’s completely insane to me!

    Of course you are the same waste of life loser who stops at yield signs or who goes 40mph on a ramp to a highway where the traffic is going 70, then wonders why nobody will let you over and always causes someone to slam on their brakes or almost cause an accident swerving left to get around you!

    So to answer your question, as to who backs in- men do! Real men who understand concepts like acceleration, centrifugal force, friction, turning radius, and muscle memory. Men who intentionally make their cars slide in the snow so they know exactly where the car’s traction ends in an emergency. Not little girly-girls like you who slide off the road once in a minor snow storm and despite the car sustaining no damage and being perfectly fine to drive you abandon your car on the side of the road and call a real man to come get you because you’re too scared to get home yourself; while ignoring the fact that you have just endangered every other driver on the road by leaving your abandoned car there for them to slide into. Either that or you get stuck in the snow and instead of bringing snow chains or A SHOVEL, you sit there like an idiot waiting for AAA to come get you out because you didn’t have the foresight to make the most minor preparations or carry the most basic season-appropriate tools in your trunk.

    Are you starting to see a pattern here?

  68. 2014 October 6
    Chuck permalink

    AND… For those few people who are smart enough to back in, but who suck at driving and refuse to get better-

    Back in once QUICKLY, and when the other cars who are waiting to get past you get past you, REPOSITION YOUR ******* CAR! Its not that hard!

    Driving for me is all about efficiency and consideration.

    I will go out of my way to make sure the guy behind me doesn’t have to slow down too much when I am turning and he is not.

    I will stop back a little ways from the line so the other guy has a better turning radius and doesn’t have to undergo 5 Gs and make all the crap in his car slide to the outside.

    I will pull over if the guy behind me is in a hurry instead of being a dick and making him go slow (he might actually have an emergency hes got to get to, how do I know).

    I will flash my lights at the guy to let him know that he can go first, because he has been waiting longer than me, despite me legally having the right of way.

    I will not be the douchebag who puts on his turn signal and tries to cut into a line of cars waiting to merge from two lanes down to one, and does so a half mile before the convergence, and causes a huge blocking of traffic and a big cluster****, instead I will casually just drive down to the end and converge seamlessly with whatever car happens to be next to me at the time. If he is a few feet ahead of me then he goes first, if I am a few feet ahead of him then I go first. Think of how a zipper on your clothes works… What would happen if one of the teeth tried to zip out of order and 50 places ahead of where it should be? Why can’t people see that? Why can’t they just not suck? Idiots like you will probably sneer at me for “cutting the line” or whatever, but in reality I am just being efficient, and your way of doing things results in a huge portion of unused roadway, and hundreds of people frantically trying to cut in while blocking everyone behind them and causing more traffic congestion. Be like a zipper! Smoothly and seamlessly integrate! How hard is that?

    What is it about driving that allows people to so completely insulate themselves from reality and go on day after day not only sucking *** at driving, but thinking they’re the only ones who *can* drive and thinking its everyone else who sucks.

  69. 2014 October 6
    Ian Borgeson permalink

    Haha you are so right. Those dumbfucks do take forever to back out and people still have to wait on them. And they are tarrible at judging distance, so they often overshoot their rotation or make unnecessary multiple-point turns. The argument of saving time is irrelevent!

    So true that backing out forces others to stop and wait for you, whereas driving out you can see them and stop first. Backing out is selfish as shit! Why should the rest of the world have to wait for you? It’s just as bad as the attributes you assign to the opposite group. Given the irrelevance of your time argument it remains that backing in is the safer, more socially responsible choice.

    And obviously if you are unloading heavy equipment you should just unload at the door and then go park, that’s just stupid man!

  70. 2014 October 27

    I thought this was just me who becomes irritated to the point of fuming at this. I hate when people do dumb shit for no reason. I mean one or the other – do something intelligent for no reason or do something dumb for a good reason – I can handle that – but doing dumb shit for no reason irks the hell out of me. I think a lot of dumb things people do they arent even sure why they do themselves and a lot of dumb shit people do they do because other people do it. Whenever I see someone back into a spot I try to get a look at them to learn more about these people. I have asked two people why they do it and got similar weak answers – one guy was a short bald middle mgmt man with anger issues who told me once he had dreams of being an actor and who as it turns out made up stories and ended up cheating on me . He told me backs into spots because he has done that since he was a teenager when there were a lot of cars at his house. He said something about how it was “easier because ther were so many cars” (?) Another person told me they do that because it is easier to see where you are going when you are leaving. No doubt. Both really weak illogical answers considering the fact that it is much harder to back into a small space coming in than just back out into the large space of the parking lot drive area as you are leaving. Another theory is that it has something to do with being in control. I deduced this from picking a friend up from his AA meeting and noticing that 13 of the 15 cars in the lot were backed in (most of them trucks too). At one point while I was sitting back in my car waiting trying to close my eyes for a bit this guy in a truck next to me spent literally 3 minutes trying to back his huge truck int othe spot next to mine. I was irate. I feel like this sort of senselessness is very similar to people that hold doors open for people in 20 degree whether from 20 feet away. As if they are doing some great deed of honor. I can open the door myself and you just let the heat out, idiot (and they get SO offended if you dont thank them for doing so). And I do think there is a bit of theater involved too…sorta like when someone just wants to stand out and does something pointless for that reason. If you really wanna stretch it we can get into how this kind of illogical shit I believe is partly bandwagon thinking is not far off from Nazi Germany murdering millions for weak illogical reasons partly because someone else gave them the idea that it made some sort of sense WHEN IT DOESNT. I think there are dumb people, average intelligent people, average intelligent people that THINK they are very intelligent and then very intelligent people. I feel like the category the people that back into spaces falls into is the average intelligence people that think they are smarter than they are.

  71. 2014 November 18
    Backer inner permalink

    The author and those of you who care are complete morons. The author mostly so for writing this.

    1) I occasionally back in, but not always. Here’s the thing though, whether I back it into the spot or back out of it, at some point im going to HAVE to go in reverse. Regardless of which I do, at some point i may hold somebody up while reversing. So it doesn’t much matter which one I do.. If you pull up while I’m trying to get out of the spot, you’re going to have to wait ANYWAY. And yes, it is safer to see the traffic Your are pulling into than reversing into.

    2) this delays you by an extra 30 seconds at most. If you are in such a rush that you can’t wait an extra 30 sec to a minute, maybe you should have left earlier? Don’t write a stupid tirade on people who are better/more skilled parkers than you just because you couldn’t leave your house on time.

    3) you’re probably the douchebag who quickly pulls into a spot, crossing half the line into the neighboring spot, angled crooked. I hope your car gets keyed. Daily.

    4) the rest of you.. Are idiots for agreeing.

  72. 2014 December 17

    Nonconformity may promote contempt and sacrifice priceless friendships.

    Nuff said!

    Thank you for reading.


  73. 2015 January 14
    Okipuri permalink

    Backing into your parking space is safer and statistics prove that. Google it. When you drive past a parking spot before you back in, you get a better view of the parking spot as you pass by it. Also, it’s much safer to drive out into traffic when you leave than to back out into traffic. That should be pretty easy to understand for anyone, girly boys included.
    The problem when backing into a parking spot is when another driver who has no idea what back up lights are ( it’s those clear or white lights that come on when you put your car in reverse ladies) or what’s going on when another drivers reverse lights are on and they have their turn signal on. Nine times out of ten it’s a woman who has no idea what reverse lights are or what they are used for but sometimes it’s just a girly man that’s baffled by parts of a car and vehicles in general and there’s no excuse for it if you’re a man and you should turn in your man card and stick with transport made for women and others who don’t understand that cars move in reverse also.
    Seriously, if your a guy, check your drivers MAN-ual and the read up on the proper technique for backing up which is not only legal but safer.
    Other wise you should at least be wearing a skirt and panties when driving a car so you can get a pass from men when you get confused on the rules of the road and how to drive a car.

  74. 2015 March 5
    Cultural Anthropologist permalink

    didn’t you ever take driving lessons in parallel parking?

  75. 2015 March 19
    John Curry permalink

    More control, and more visibility, more awareness. In an emergency, I could get out faster, and most importantly, someone crashed into me backing up because his dumbass couldn’t see me sitting there behind him waiting for the car in front of me to finish backing out. Don’t spew your retarded shit Asshole. Backing in is only “dangerous” because we are surrounded by people that don’t know how to back in. I have NEVER had any issues pulling out of parking spaces. The only time I have issues backing in is when people try to steal my spot.

  76. 2015 May 30
    Protek permalink

    Reading all this BS about parking cracks me up! Like everything in life, we all have an opinion and everybody thinks theirs is correct. I really don’t give a shit if you park front in or back in. Just don’t tailgate me! I will slow down so fucking bad that you’ll wish you had a gun to shoot yourself and die! Tailgaters suck! Bullies is all they are and they tailgate you, then pass you and tailgate the guy in front of you! Idiots! Then I see them at the next stop light, grinding their fucking teeth! It’s hilarious! They may have saved 2 or 3 seconds during their fucked up day, cursing everyone along the way for goings so slow!
    Park upside down if you like, just stay off my ass!

  77. 2015 June 12

    I do this because believe it it not it easier for me. I been driving for 24 years and got into 2 accidents. Once involving “me” backing out from spot where another person backing out hit me while I beeped my horn constantly. The d-bag ignored me then drove away. A-hole in a Monte Carlo. Second time was when I was backing out and hit a pole. I know, my fault I own up to it. I have in both cars a back camera. I bet I can back into a spot quicker than any of you can front park. But guess what, the amount of time it takes to leave s spot “backing out” is the same as if you were initially were to do it parking back. And yes, I also like a quick getaway. I even at times see a sense of relief that they did not have to wait long.

  78. 2015 June 16
    Stupid parkers permalink

    The people replying about backing up, are no different than the idiots on the road that claim their tailgating is justified because the person in front of them is not passing the people on the right as fast as they would. Cracks me up.

    The main point is, that backing up in a parking lot is perfectly fine, as long as you’re not blocking everyone behind you for what some of you think is a good idea…but what in reality is simply a waste of time.

    Is it safer? No not really. Is it quicker? No its actually takes longer. Do most people do it for pointless reasons? Yes. Is there any real true and meaningful purpose to reverse park on a regular basis? No.

    Backing up to park is a hazard in and of itself since you’re stopping traffic abruptly and what at first looks like for no logical reason. Then you have the risk of running over a kid you can’t see because you’re backing up…plus most people would continue to walk thinking you’re surely not trying to reverse in a parking spot…because it makes little sense? Next you piss everybody off, and promote road rage, you create traffic jams in the lot. Then you run the risk of hitting the car behind you while you park because you can’t see a thing at all. (wonder how many cars are hit because of people slightly hitting the car as the reverse park). Then when and if you have to load anything into your car, you have to squeeze you large cart between two cars, probably hitting the car next to you and in front of you a few times a year…likely not reported since you don’t want to pay. Not to mention you can’t even fit your body between the car in front of you to even load groceries in the trunk…or anything else.

    The whole thing is just pure stupidity…and when I say that, I’m referring to the douche bags that wants to aggressively defend their position on why they reverse park and act like it’s the smart thing to do. No, sorry it is not the smart thing to do…you’ve only convinced yourself it is possibly because you like pissing people off and making people wait. Maybe you like to show off and be different…and don’t be confused, backing up is by no means impressive.

    Anyways, yes, I see some coherent arguments on both sides, but when there is traffic behind you, pulling in forwards is the safest and most convenient method for everyone, including you.

    For those that still don’t agree and think pulling in normally is for complete idiots…you yourself are in fact the complete idiot. Those of that simply back up because you want to…and admit it’s just a preference, then kudos to you for not being completely ignorant.

  79. 2015 July 10
    Chuck T. permalink

    I can’t believe the ignorance that shows from the responses coming out of this meaningless blog. Before you idiots place judgment on those who back into spaces, you should at least know what you’re talking about instead of blowing wind out your ass.

    Backing into a parking space is not a good idea, it’s a very safe and wise one. How many times have you driven down a parking aisle and some knucklehead backs up out of a space without even looking. Most accidents in parking lots involve people backing out of spaces, not driving out of one, and that is a fact.

  80. 2015 July 16
    Jonathan Doeboy permalink

    Statistics prove everyone’s opinion of there being no added benefit to backing in, as delusional. That really is the end of the discussion. If you or other people you encounter have trouble doing it quickly and safely, that’s a personal problem that can be rectified through training. That is not a backing in is worse problem. I speak as someone who is and has been a defensive & race driving instructor for the past 26 years. I am wholeheartedly in the “Backing in Where Reasonable” camp.

  81. 2015 August 14
    Jimmy permalink

    Lick my hood (since I backed in).

  82. 2015 August 25
    2cents permalink

    Backing into a space = more things to hit (other cars in vicinity, possibly people getting out of their cars unaware of you, opening their doors, etc)
    Backing out of space = backing into empty space (the lot), possible cars and people, but they have warning from your reverse lights…

    There is a reason cars have indicators that tell us they are going to be reversing… you are negating that technology by insisting on backing in… -2cents

  83. 2015 September 2
    Mike permalink

    I used to work as a valet and we had to back all the cars in as it makes things quicker when picking up the car. At first I hated it but I quickly got used to it and actually found it easier and faster since you can see the lines of the spot and anything you might hit in the side view mirrors. It’s also much easier to park straight since you can see the lines. And as others have stated, if you’re in a normal car it’s nearly impossible to see anything when backing out of a spot nowadays since you will always end up in between 2 obnoxiously huge SUVs. I see someone said that’s why you have reverse lights, so people will see you backing up. Sorry, I’d rather be able to see if anyone’s coming myself then just assume “oh they’ll see my reverse lights I’m sure they’ll stop.” Have you seen the way people drive???

    I’m sure there are few idiots who do it to show off their car but it’s mainly a safety issue. Get over it and grow up.

  84. 2015 September 23
    Laura permalink

    Someone’s car orientation in a parking lot vs. An expletive-riddled article about someone’s car orientation in a parking lot. Which of those two is more rude?

  85. 2015 October 6
    Insecure much? permalink

    The majority of accidents that occur in parking lots happen when one or more cars are moving in reverse, usually because the diminished visibility of drivers moving in reverse. Visibility and awareness of cars in reverse is higher for everyone when a car backs into a parking lot as opposed to when one is backing out of a parking spot. Maybe the difference is only a few % points, but why not take it where you can get it? This % increases dramatically for larger vehicles or vehicles with bigger blind spots.

    So with safety addressed, the next concern would be time taken to back into a parking spot. I think overall, people wait longer for drivers to back out of a parking space upon leaving than they do when drivers back into a parking spot. Whether you wait now or wait later, the overall waiting time is generally shorter for those who back their cars into parking spots. There is no slow creeping out while backing out of a parking spot, playing the stop-and-go game. It generally takes me one attempt and 4-5 seconds to back into a parking spot (if you see that as a boast, keep reading to the bottom). It takes me longer to safely back out of a parking spot, especially in a lot with a fair amount of traffic.

    Sure there are some (bad) drivers who may have to back in and out repeatedly in order to properly back into a parking spot, but at least they’re getting practice and hopefully improving their skills faster that way.

    As for the comment about backing into parking spots in one-way lanes with diagonally-lined parking spaces, yeah, those parkers are idiots if they back into those (no argument there).

    For many, like myself, the act of backing into a parking spot has nothing to do with showing off. If you’re beyond a certain age and need to do that to show off, something’s wrong. At the same time, if you’re beyond a certain age and your main conclusion as to why others back into spots is because they’re showing off, then insecurity may be an issue you should look into.

  86. 2015 November 10

    It’s cracking me up that, years after some profane twelve year old wrote this pice of schlock, people are still getting butthurt over it. Seriously, folks….aren’t there things in the world that merit such rage far more than some dumbass who makes you wait a couple minutes? Child molesters, the government, welfare chiselers….just a few examples of things that are actually worth getting worked up over.

  87. 2015 December 20
    Handjob Wookie permalink

    If you have nothing better to do than complain about this on a blog, you’ve got a shitty life. Get a grip, man! Who cares if people back into parking spaces? That’s like being upset with people who push the elevator button with their thumb instead of their index finger. WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK!?

    Also, you’re a douchenozzle of the highest order and a fucktard of the worst kind.

  88. 2016 January 9
    Bob Dobalina permalink

    It is indeed partially a safety issue as taught to me in the military and as part of the smith safe driver training I received from numerous employers. I think it has to do with being able to see other drivers who may not see you backing out. I also drive a full size truck minus the members only jacket. I thought members only jackets were only worn by hipsters who need to project their insecurity onto others. So yeah I drive a full size truck and best way to park straight in a space and not get hit by hipsters car doors gone awry . I think I speak for all the backers in when I say I am deeply sorry to have hurt your delicate heart, wasted your precious time, and caused you so much emotional pain. When you are feeling well I would be happy to teach you how to back in to your spot instead of racing around the parking lot and parking all cock eyed.

  89. 2016 January 15
    backerinnerhater permalink

    I just had an incident with a “backer inner” as I call them in the busy parking lot by my job. Guy goes past the spot with three people behind him and then flips his blinker on as if we are supposed to assume he means backwards and is not preparing to park normally ahead. I take the spot and he backs up behind my parked car and is all “are you serious??”. I said what we are all supposed to assume that after you pass an open spot you then want to back into it with people behind you?? I told him if you want to back into your own driveway go ahead but its selfish and stupid to do it in a crowded parking lot. admittedly he could not have had a worse guy behind him as one of my only pet peeves is this habit. i see it as unnecessary at best and inconsiderate and stupid at worst. i mean really just park the fucking car like a normal person for fucks sake

  90. 2016 January 15
    Bobdobalina permalink

    If you weren’t riding every body’s ass in the parking lot and probably every-other opportunity you have in life this wouldn’t be your pet peeve.

  91. 2016 January 16
    Indianaboy permalink

    Ok… In the state of Indiana it’s illegal to back into a spot. It because they only have back plates and it’s considered “hiding” your plate if you back in. Some do it but usually they are transplants. I moved to NY and it seems everyone does it here. And they are all terrible at it. If you are one of the people on this board that seem to think its “safer” you should drive at all. If you are doing it for any other reason, just stop…

  92. 2016 January 17
    Backerinnerhater permalink

    Worse than people who back in to parking spits are people who troll sites where people complain about it and then claim the high ground of “who gives a fuck”. If you don’t care about it then don’t click the link. And to mr dobalina. It’s fine if you want to continue your annoying parking habit in the name of safety just dont complain when it annoys people. I don’t race behind people in a parking lot I am actually very considerate driver which is why I find backerinners annoying. It’s inconsiderate of the rest of the people parking. It’s as if in the name of your safety everyone else must bow down. Go back in to a spot in the rear of the parking lot if your so worried about safety. Your previious employers are worried about there insurance so they micromanaged your driving skills to the point where you are now. Fact It saves no time. Fact it’s not safer. It’s only swapping one back in for another. Just stop it. I’m not trying to insult you or whatever I really don’t care what kind of jacket you wear. I just want to drive and park without having to wait for people such as yourself. Your annoying. Admit it own it and learn from it. You will be better off in the future.

  93. 2016 January 23
    Simba permalink

    If backing out is dangerous, then backing in is more dangerous. You have the same traffic either way and you’re backing into a narrow space. When I’m backing out, I have way more room to maneuver. The back-in crowd have tipped their hand here by talking about the “skill” involved in backing into a parking space. They desperately want to impress others. It is really not difficult, just completely unnecessary in most cases.

  94. 2016 February 15
    mikey permalink

    Its actually a mixture of being ghetto and lazy. I have never seen a redneck do it. Quiet the opposite. The ignorant person thinks its faster and less hassle when they leave. But thats only true if youre not a dumb ass who takes 10 minutes to back in. As,we know none of the back in parkers can think their way out of wet paper bag much less back a car in. So this long procedure is actually a stupid persons way of saving time. Yes take longer to save time. Makes perfect sense to an idiot

  95. 2016 February 25
    NoiseNatzi NotNazi permalink

    Wow! This personal parking preference really seems to get under people’s skin.

    Let’s first define what I think this discussion is about. We are talking about busy public parking lots with marked spaces perpendicular to the lane of traffic with no discussion of parallel parking which normally involves backing up. Out of the current 95 comments many consist of personal insults and off-color language. Please feel free to attack my honest opinions with vile insults.

    On my last of 3 comments I wrote “nuff said” but now I would like to add the true life experience that placed me firmly in the “non-reverse-parking” camp. I have driven almost 2 million miles and never had a crash with another vehicle although my “near crashes” are too many to count. I just missed a lot of accidents by inches or seconds but I remember every one and how lucky I was.

    Here’s my account of the “near crash” caused by “reverse-parking”. It was in the afternoon with perfect weather. I was in the one-way traffic lane driving past a parking space occupied by a “backed- in” truck with tinted windows. Suddenly the truck pulled right out in front of me with no warning! I didn’t know the truck was occupied or about to move. Only good brakes, steering left and luck saved me from possible injury and lots of talking to police, insurance companies and repair shops. Most safe drivers back out of a spaces very slowly allowing time to be seen by others. “Reversed-parked” drivers can exit a space too fast for conditions because they are not in reverse.

    Maybe today more people are “reverse-parking” so they can use their new back-up cameras. I know nothing about back-up cameras but there is a safety system required by law that has been working pretty well for a long time. It is also part of the driver to driver communication link and is very important to prevent accidents. This system is called “back-up warning lights”. The only problem with this system is the lights can’t be seen by other drivers if you have backed into a parking space.

    I have backed into a space to unload something and for me backing into a tight parking space is NOT as easy as driving in forward. I have to go very slowly and take care not to hit the cars parked on either side. Backing out of a tight space is not that hard if you just allow the front wheels to follow the same track used when entering.

    Making eye contact with other drivers will keep you out of trouble on the road and make driving fun. Fast approaching a vehicle waiting at a stop sign and not being able to see that driver is NOT fun. You have to slow down and cover the brake in case the unseen driver doesn’t see you. I guess tinted windows are only fun for the people that have them but I don’t want to meet any of these people at a 4-way stop, a roundabout or backed in to a parking space.

    I suggest that you back-up slowly and carefully and as little as possible. I don’t think you ever have the right-of-way if your vehicle is in reverse.

    Thank for reading.

  96. 2016 February 28

    In Japan, it is a common practice to back into parking spaces, people do it, out of habit and culture all the time, and there’s no reason to get upset it, other than the fact that if they do while they are in front of you, you have to wait for them to finish.

    I back into spaces for a variety of reasons, and its not to look cool, its one, easier for me to do it and faster to maneuver especially tight spaces. faster to get out, no reason to have a look around in a parking lot if theres someone behind me, a cart, a stroller or even a crossing pedestrian. Several instances in parking front first and backing out later, have resulted in numerous close calls of this nature for me, so all my vehicles (Honda Accord, F-150s, BMW, it doesn’t have to be a certain type of car, whenever law permits or maneuvering space allows it (i.e. not in a crapped parking garage), I back into spaces.

    Call people who back into parking spaces, whatever you want to vent your frustration and lack of an open mind to wonder why they do it. That’s is narrow minded thinking and not asking and researching why this occurs. Telling people to kiss their A**, i find is immature thinking and showing utmost disrespect and rudeness to people.

  97. 2016 March 12
    Rob permalink

    I don’t know if someone else has said this or not, as I am late to the discussion….. I don’t back into spaces, but I do look for a double spot in which to pull through so that I’m ” tactically ” set for easy extraction …. Those of you with extended cab Chevy pickups understand. Still I can’t help but wonder if this still makes me a ” douche ” or at least a ” douche – lite. “

  98. 2016 March 21
    Jack permalink

    I find backing into spaces a hell of a lot easier than going in front first, especially when the road is quite narrow. Bit silly to cry about it and insult people who would rather pull into a space the way they were shown on their test. (Mind you I’ve never done it that way, always back in at 45 degree angle for me) And it does genuinely mean a quicker and safer exit, all these bm’s and Audi parcels that back out as fast as possible with no regard to oncoming traffic are the worst. I live in UK btw. The amount of times I’ve seen people misjudging the time to turn in front facing is huge, it takes so much longer to correct yourself than if you misjudge reversing.

  99. 2016 March 24
    lordaych permalink

    I used to hate this practice and made fun of it too, until I broke into my High and Mighty 30’s and broke down and bought an SUV / crossover vehicle. As a Colorado resident I am much happier with a few more inches of clearance and AWD, but I never thought I’d love the backup camera so much.

    Backing in often comes across as theatrical and often done by “redneck” types and ex-military types and people who just obsess about “optimizing” simple things, even if it seems like a faux-optimization (sometimes it does take forever and is poorly executed). The most annoying thing is when people back up too close to the curb and extend into a walkway. Don’t do that.

    But, regarding this:

    “Maybe today more people are “reverse-parking” so they can use their new back-up cameras…(cut)…I have backed into a space to unload something and for me backing into a tight parking space is NOT as easy as driving in forward. I have to go very slowly and take care not to hit the cars parked on either side.”

    Now, assume no bad faith on the part of the person backing in with a camera, and put those two things together.

    With a back-up camera, you can precisely back in with more control and visibility than you can “nose” in. You can see exactly where you run the risk of bumping into anything, and it is easy to use it as a crutch with a new vehicle with a different turning radius, tire size, etc than you’re used to. After awhile you become more adept at backing in when the opportunity presents itself. I’m about 75% “nose-in,” 25% back-in. Not because it’s easier to get out (the camera is great for backing out, obviously) but because it’s sometimes easier to get in.

    This might seem psychological because you have more information with the camera, but the information itself is useful and makes a back-in somehow feel easier in tight lots.

    You literally have a camera with “bumper lines” on the back and sides in addition to your mirrors and I find with my current vehicle that I *can* back in with a single attempt, but often have to reverse and make a 2-point turn in order to “nose” in safely, especially in tight lots. Some of that is paranoia because it’s a new vehicle, and I’d love to have a “forward-facing” camera option too, TBH.

  100. 2016 March 24
    Lisa Keena permalink

    I don’t know how much more I can LOVE this article!!! I’ve shared it on my Facebook page. Here in Texas, they have NO CLUE how to pull into a parking place! I’ve been cursed at and honked at when the driver in front of me drives PAST a parking spot and I either pull into the spot or follow them past the spot and refuse to back up when they put it into reverse. If you want the spot, then take it. If you drive past it, then you lose out. What is the disconnect in their brain???

  101. 2016 April 16
    Gabby permalink

    Wow. I had no idea this bothered people.
    I back into parking spaces. That being said, I don’t do it if there is someone driving behind me at that moment. I do it because I can get a clear view of the area surrounding where I am parking to ensure there are no vehicles or pedestrians around. When I pull in forward, it is more difficult to see if vehicles or pedestrians are coming. I have no idea what vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be like once I leave whatever establishment I’ve gone into. If it were just vehicles, it would be different but many pedestrians don’t do their part to pay attention. Often, I wait to find two adjacent spaces and just pull all the way through (after ensuring no one else is coming from the opposite way thinking it is safe to enter the same space). I also have two large dogs. When they stand, I can’t see behind me. If I have them in the car and they aren’t standing up, backing in is safest. If I leave and they are standing up, I am at their mercy to get down so I can see. …and finally, I was in law enforcement and security for many years. Get irritated with the rear-parker who says “for a quick get-away,” but there is truth in their statement. It is quicker to leave that way and you really don’t know what parking lot you might need that added advantage, regardless of how mundane or safe the place you are visiting is.
    I hope my making certain I am not keeping anyone behind me from continuous movement when I park this way makes some difference and understanding. I, myself, get angry at the double-space parkers.

  102. 2016 April 18
    Chris permalink

    Why let it bother you? I do not care if they pull in, back in or park sideways. I do not let little things like this bother me. So I have to wait a few mins, so what, My day is not ruined just because someone wishes to back up. It’s their choice and there is no law saying you can not. Enjoy life to the fullest. If this kind of thing irritates you maybe you have anger issues.

  103. 2016 April 20
    Bob Dobalina permalink

    I am the zen master of the parking lot

  104. 2016 April 23
    Weldon Rodriguez permalink

    I wanna know why you even give a shit? People can do whatever they please. And it takes the same amount of time to back in and leave than it does to nose in and leave. Its the same amount of moves. You dont like it bcuz of some ocd disorder that makes you nervous when it happens. Sorry ur a dumb ass who hates ppl for doing what they do. I back my STi in every time so everyone can see how God Damn fresh it is. Call me a D-Bag..Please. I could careless about what others do or think. It wouldnt be a free country if we couldnt do the small things that make us happy.

  105. 2016 April 28
    Libtard Losers permalink

    Really people? Your lives must be pretty pathetic to whine over something like this. I mean really, you get upset about people backing in? Did you ever stop to consider back out takes about as much time as backing in, so its a net wash? Most of us have never even cared about it enough to notice. Get life. Learn to be happy. Go achieve something. You must all be Obama supporters…you have “I’m a victim” written all over you.

  106. 2016 April 28
    Royal Blue permalink

    I accidentally stumbled onto this page and had a good laugh for a Thursday afternoon. What a bunch of pathetic losers, judging the motives of other drivers based on their own insecurities and pettiness.

    I didn’t bother reading through the entire thread, so excuse any duplication. I always back into a space (or pull through) with two exceptions: if I need access to my trunk if it would be otherwise blocked, or if there is someone directly behind me in the lane when I’m parking.

    Why? When I am in the lane, I KNOW who is or isn’t there. I also know that no one is in the parking space I’m aiming for. Going backwards when you know what is around you is much safer than going backwards when you don’t. I drive a sedan most of the time, and there is always the chance of someone’s boat of an SUV or pickup on either side of me when I’m ready to leave.

  107. 2016 April 30
    Jim permalink

    What a pompous idiotic rant, by a true control freak. It seems that you find that you’re so much smarter than others based the direction that you park your 72 Gremiln? I would suggest a good shrink to help you deal with your superior attitude & low opinion of others.. Let people park however the feel the most comfortable and practice a little patience and kindness for your fellow man or woman that feels more comfortable backing their vehicle into a parking spot for whatever reason. No one owes you an explanation, get over yourself, drama queen!

  108. 2016 May 26
    Backitonin permalink

    It does actually revert back to safety. You are more aware of your surroundings when you first approach a parking spot than when you come out and get ready to leave. You don’t even have to take my word for it. Just go lay in across a parking spot and see if anyone runs you over pulling in forward or backing in. Then test that same theory out when a car is in the parking spot. I only state this fact as a Safety Manager at a transportation company.

  109. 2016 May 26
    Backitonin permalink

    AAA says more than 76 percent of U.S. drivers are parking incorrectly.

    “U.S. drivers most frequently park their vehicle by pulling forward into a parking spot … a riskier practice that driving experts warn leaves pedestrians more vulnerable.”

    SEE ALSO: Holiday sales you need to shop this weekend

    So apparently, we should be backing into parking spots.

    Now, all cars manufactured by 2018 will have rearview cameras with enhanced visibility, but they’re not 100 percent effective, so don’t completely rely on them.

    Regardless, we’re pretty sure nothing is more embarrassing than having to call your mother or spouse to tell them you got into an accident in a parking lot — so it may be worth attempting to make the change.

  110. 2016 June 16
    Joe permalink

    The problem with the internet – people with opinions, but no facts, make proclamations that idiots use in their daily lives. Stop and think about two things – 1) you are backing into a roadway in which vehicles could be driving fast, pedestrians are potentially walking behind your car. Backing into this rather than the comparatively safe confines of the parking space incurs higher risk and is exacerbated by the following, 2) when you pull in you are father forward in the space and your ability to see cars as you pull out is limited compared to when you back in. The necessary field of visibility when backing in is a few feet on either side and straight back.
    The US is one of the only countries where people don’t back in to spaces.

  111. 2016 July 24
    Lee permalink

    I’ve been pulling in ‘the right way’ (head first) for 60 years and have never run into safety issues when exiting in reverse. If a driver is uncomfortable backing out of a parking space, they probably need to take advantage of their city’s mass transit, Uber, or anything other than getting behind the wheel. Back up lights let pedestrians and other vehicles see your intention and react accordingly. Sudden, head first exits are NOT safer for those around you, only seemingly more convenient for the selfish dickhead doing the driving.

    Even worse are the drivers that back into angled parking that isn’t designed to have them exit in the proper direction. I just want to yank them out of their cars and whip their ass. I may be 76, but I’m 225# with 8% body fat and can still bench 265#, so when you see my old ass cursing you out for parking like an idiot, please get out of your car and confront me. Teaching you a lesson will be my pleasure. Yes, that probably makes me a jerk, too, but I’m okay with that.

  112. 2016 August 17
    Duelles permalink

    I have a 21 foot p/u truck. Backing in allows my easier access to leaving the space since butt headed Pirii brigade members are often parked over lines, as he and not to the full depth of the space. Many retailers have minuscule spaces to cram one more shopper into a row. Tough beans if you get agita.

  113. 2016 August 26
    james turner permalink

    this is totally a safety thing. there are hundreds of child fatalities per year caused by people backing out of parking spots. there are virtually zero child fatalities caused by people backing into parking spots. this is true even in countries like china where ~90% of cars are parked that way. that said, even backing into a spot can be dangerous, so your best bet is to drive forward both into and out of your parking spot even if that means you need to walk another 10 meters.

  114. 2016 December 30
    Just a guy permalink

    Ok so you’re an a++hat, you are the kind of person that pisses me off….it is safer to pull out into traffic everytime….simple way to prove my point you likely drive a piss ant car like a fiat or a beetle some little girl car anyways, say you are pulled into your parking spot you come out and 2 large work vans are parked on either side of you and since you can’t see through them you have to back out all the way into traffic blind seems smart doesn’t it? Give your head a shake and grow up. Good luck.

  115. 2017 January 31
    Skooch permalink

    I drive a pick up. I back into parking spot, usually at work. Mostly because I arrive earlier than everyone else in the building. When the parking lot starts filling up, backing out takes longer, and I can’t see the rear corners of my bumper. With a solid rear axle and steering on the front, backing in while no one is around is great. Later, when the lot is still full I can leave without a lot of awkward forward/reverse combos.

    At stores, I park way away from the front door, and always go through one spot and park “ready to leave” in the next forward spot. Why is there always a shitpouch that parks behind me in the wide-open spaces?

    People who complain about parking to necessitate a blog, have issues.

    I am a non-conformist; my backward parking is not.

  116. 2017 February 1
    Jessie permalink

    I think that the reason for failed explainations for reversing into a parking spot is that you are asking the wrong people to answer this question. The correct answer has very little to do with safety and much more to do with geometry. Think about this scenario. I see it far too often in parking lots where the spaces are a bit tiny and Car 1, to your left, has parked too far to the right and Car 2, to your right, has parked too far to the left leaving you with almost no room to get into the parking space, much less, actually exit your vehicle. Now, one could simply pull into the parking space and Bo and Luke Duke your way out of the driver’s window or sunroof. A better option would be to back in to your parking space. The reason being that you create more space between the vehicle next to you. This gives you enough space to open your car door and actually exit your vehicle without adding more scratches to your driver’s side door than are already there. Break out the tape measure and check your front end versus the back end of your car. You will find in most vehicles that The from is often more narrow than the rear. If you have ever played Tetris, you now understand why backing into a parking space is more efficient. Especially, if everyone else has pulled in to their spot. Also, you can look at this dilemma from a different angle. When you enter your vehicle, you are beginning a journey. You want your journey to be a positive one, so what is the best way to begin a journey? By going forward. I hope this helps….

  117. 2017 August 8
    Mike Runyon permalink

    I was on my way to my car when someone yells at me because they saw I was backed in. She gave me a hard time and later sent me this tweet. I sometimes do back in, most times not but it is totally my prerogative. I was not an hour early, I was not showboating ( fact is I do not remember seeing another car coming or going. In your haste, to analyze others and demean what they do you forgot to mention if there is a sign that says ” head in parking only” maybe you could bend over and kiss your own ass……nothing wrong the same thing is coming out of both ends!

  118. 2017 October 26
    Jim permalink

    One problem with backer-inners is that they all assume they are so good at it. Well, they’re not. I can’t tell you how many backed in cars I’ve seen which are in crooked, too close to other vehicles, over the lines on sides and rear, no space on the passenger side because they only pay attention to the the driver’s side, etc, etc. People can barely manage to drive their cars well going forward, much less backward. Perhaps they are less likely to get hit when pulling out, but they are more likely to hit somebody else on the way backing into the spot. I watched a young kid trying to back into a spot beside my car. He took 4 back and forth tries and somehow still managed to park about 8 inches from my car and had to squeeze out of the car, pushing his door against my mirror (luckily, no damage). Meanwhile, he had about 2-3 feet of space on his passenger side. SMH.

  119. 2017 November 5
    rich flores permalink

    i have to wait for a guy to go in and out in and out over and over again as he backs in and out. it’s showing off-

  120. 2017 November 25
    Ariana permalink

    The absolute biggest douchebags in the world do this!! It is the rudest and scuzziest thing…just like slow drivers who drive slow in the fast lane to ‘CONTROL’ the speed of the other drivers….Just idiots and rude! How is this jerks time more important then my time?? I think the parking lots and stores should make rules about this rude behavior! They have no right to make me sit there for 5 minutes while they park their car! Just rude and stupid. Controllers like this, ant the slow drivers int he fast lane should get ticketed and lose their right to driving all together just because they are so rude!

  121. 2018 April 19
    Zach Riggin permalink

    Hi there, back in parker here. This is an interesting debate! I for one am not a bank robber, but I do always try to begin with the end in mind. Parking backward allows me to leave a place with less anxiety about others not seeing me back out.
    I do, however, have rules. 1. NEVER back into an angled space! This is for stupids 2. Never make people wait. This is for asshats and 3. Never get mad at the way others park so long as they stay between the lines and follow the rules.

  122. 2018 May 16
    Keith permalink

    It is safer to back into a parking spot than back out. If you back out and hit someone guess who is at fault? You.

  123. 2018 August 8
    Jeff Anderson permalink

    You all are so sad

  124. 2018 August 8
    Jay permalink

    Wow… I’ve just realized all the safety benefits of reverse parking by reading the comments. Maybe some ppl actually do do it for safety. I don’t know. I have a lot friends also reverse park, and none of them give a f about safety. They just do it to show off. They enjoy seeing ppl turn heads to check out their riced out rockets or European luxury imports. I don’t do it, coz I’m just lazy. But I still like them. They are my friends.

  125. 2018 October 30

    I back into parking spots every time I park. I always have.. Always will. I prefer it and see no reason to make an effort to come up with some explanation which suits you… Us backward parkers don’t care if you whiney asses like it or not.. We don’t care how you park.. Never give it a thought.. I will admittedly enjoy it a little more now that I realize people actually get annoyed. Count your blessings.. You have a nearly perfect life if you have time and energy to expend getting upset about someone parking…
    I will make one comment however after reading your rant… Although you profess the people who back in are rude and selfish because you may actually have to wait a few extra seconds for someone to back in… but consider the other side of this equation… Aren’t you being equally selfish and rude believing your time is so much more valuable than the person trying to back out of a spot and you just continuing to drive by? They have to wait for you. Why is your time more valuable than theirs?.. How many times do you stop and allow the person trying to back out to complete the maneuver? My guess would be nearly zero.. Sounds like a draw to me.. Get over yourself and stop thinking that everyone who doesn’t think like you is a douchebag… You douchebag… Lol..

  126. 2018 December 1
    A Nikiforos permalink

    If you have a vehicle with a large back end beside you and you need to back out, your view is obstructed of other traffic in the parking lot for more feet of backing up, whereas, if you have backed into the parking lot and can drive out, you get to see around the larger vehicle beside that much sooner.
    Unless you have such excellent vision you can see there is a vehicle coming before I can! Maybe back-up cameras work here, but I have an older vehicle without that option.
    Happy motoring. Do not be so busy looking at others as that is when your vision of what you are doing gets dim and accidents happen.

  127. 2019 February 12
    chuck permalink

    I have four good friends who always back into parking spaces. I’ve always wonderd why. One specific thing they all have in common is their egos. They are ego maniacs. A type personalities and I don’t know why.

  128. 2019 June 27

    I will concede that if a person can back in with one attempt, I will let it pass, but if I have to sit there for several minutes while they fiddlef*ck around taking 5-6 attempts, I am going to lose my sh*t.

  129. 2019 July 3

    Wow! This personal parking preference really seems to get under people’s skin.

    Let’s first define what I think this discussion is about. We are talking about busy public parking lots with marked spaces perpendicular to the lane of traffic with no discussion of parallel parking which normally involves backing up. Out of the current 126 comments many consist of personal insults and off-color language. Please feel free to attack my honest opinions with vile insults.

    On my last of 3 comments I wrote “nuff said” but now I would like to add the true life experience that placed me firmly in the “non-reverse-parking” camp. I have driven almost 2 million miles and never had a crash with another vehicle although my “near crashes” are too many to count. I just missed a lot of accidents by inches or seconds but I remember every one and how lucky I was.

    Here’s my account of the “near crash” caused by “reverse-parking”. It was in the afternoon with perfect weather. I was in the one-way traffic lane driving past a parking space occupied by a “backed- in” truck with tinted windows. Suddenly the truck pulled right out in front of me with no warning! I didn’t know the truck was occupied or about to move. Only good brakes, steering left and luck saved me from possible injury and lots of talking to police, insurance companies and repair shops. Most safe drivers back out of a spaces very slowly allowing time to be seen by others. “Reversed-parked” drivers can exit a space too fast for conditions because they are not in reverse.

    Maybe today more people are “reverse-parking” so they can use their new back-up cameras. I know nothing about back-up cameras but there is a safety system required by law that has been working pretty well for a long time. It is also part of the driver to driver communication link and is very important to prevent accidents. This system is called “back-up warning lights”. The only problem with this system is the lights can’t be seen by other drivers if you have backed into a parking space.

    If the parking space you are in is a good one another safe driver will stop, flash their lights an allow you to back out safely. If someone or something is behind your vehicle when you are backing out the driver waiting on your parking space can sound the horn and warn you. Now we have a cooperation and a team effort to get the backing vehicle out of the space safely. Two heads are better that one.

    I have backed into a space to unload something and for me backing into a tight parking space is NOT as easy as driving in forward. I have to go very slowly and take care not to hit the cars parked on either side. Backing out of a tight space is not that hard if you just allow the front wheels to follow the same track used when entering.

    Making eye contact with other drivers will keep you out of trouble on the road and make driving fun. Approaching a vehicle waiting at a stop sign and not being able to see that driver is NOT fun. You have to slow down and cover the brake in case the unseen driver doesn’t see you. I guess tinted windows are only fun for the people that have them but I don’t want to meet any of these people at a 4-way stop, a roundabout or backed in to a parking space.

    Now I notice that we have a lot of drivers pulling through to the adjacent parking space in front of them so they don’t have to back up but I think this just causes another unexpected non-conformity. It does allow them to leave the space at a higher rate of speed and I think the last thing you want to do is drive fast in a parking lot.

    I suggest that you back-up slowly and carefully and as little as possible. I don’t think you ever have the right-of-way if your vehicle is in reverse.

    Thank for reading.

  130. 2020 January 17
    Dan permalink

    I know a couple people who back into the parking spot. Its to show off their car. Cadillac CTS. Dodge Charger. Nothing more. All of the reasons listed are simple justifications. They have a nice car and want you to see it. Period.

  131. 2020 February 2
    Ken permalink

    I back in. Personally I find it easier than backing out. I don’t have an ego. I’m actually an introvert; I detest being the center of attention. I only commented so there could be a verified counter-argument to your assertion that people who back in are tooting their horn.

    Backing in is a “path of least resistance” thing for me personally. I could be wrong, but does that justify your dehumanizing me?

  132. 2020 September 27
    Lorraine Smith permalink

    I hate it when people do it.. its obnoxious.. then their driver side door is right dead center to your door.. (if on the right side of them).. i leave notes .. please dont hit my car when backing in.. since they always do when they exit the car.. with driver side door.. it s a narcissist thing.. “” i can back in” and you cant.. NO , trust me , i worked for Hertz car rental for years and had to do this with BROKEN cars so no one would drive them. it was our code. Also they are thinking the are faster on the exit.. but not on the entry.. they keep people ( like you) waiting. Annoying as hell.

  133. 2020 October 11
    Mac Gray permalink

    It’s funny you get so mad about this. Backing in, for starters, no pun intended, if your battery dies and your dumb self has to get a tow because cables won’t reach your battery, you’re going to ponder “maybe I should have backed in”. Now yes, it really is a guy thing idk why it’s just instinct, I started doing it as soon as I could drive. But, it is practical, it’s much easier to get into tight spots, take a shopping cart for instance, try getting it into a pre-determined spot pushing forward, then try doing it from the front of the cart, you’ll notice when pushing from the front of the cart you have much more control. And safety is the biggest, assholes love to go 50 through a parking lot, I’d rather me facing forward to see those assholes, rather then get t boned with my body twisted backwards.

  134. 2020 November 19
    Ben permalink

    Wow talk about an entitled whiny little ignoramus. If you had taken five seconds to google “backing into parking spaces” or paid attention in driver’s ed, you would know that it’s safer to back into parking spots, and SAFETY EXPERTS say that everyone should back into a spot if they can. How embarrassing for you.

  135. 2021 January 5

    Jim. The author is correct. People do it because they are jerk-offs. The next time I see you backing in I will beat the fuck out of you.

  136. 2021 May 10
    Michael permalink

    You could just question this forever but I will tell you why I think someone would do it, and yes I have done it before, and for probably same reason cops and law enforcement would do it. To get out of the parking lot faster without taking as much time. I mostly or just pull forward in a parallel spot, so I just go forward. I make sure I find one of those, so I do not have to back up. Walmart and Smith’s have spaces way too small, and people just do not care and park right next to the next car to keep them from getting in and out easily. If you pull all the way forward, then you just load up car, and leave forward. Like others have said, teenagers and idiots just speed through the parking lot. Most accidents are from speeders, and do not care attitude people, that would rather take a ticket over being smart. What really bugs me, is the ones that backup out of their spots but go straight back, instead of turning their wheels to go straight out of parking lot. Like today at a convenient store. My car was backed into because she wouldn’t turn her wheels. No damage to car but damn, that is stupid. She backed up 30 feet straight back.

  137. 2021 December 29
    Bill permalink

    People back in because you can see the spot as you go by it. It allows the rear wheel to pivot at the front 8f the space which allows for a tighter turn. It also be allows you to use the road way as room to swing your vehicle. When you pull in my with vehicles on my each side then you’ll have little to no in room to to swing the front. Only in the tiniest cars can be get away be with this. An if you reverse doing try he neck crank then you shouldn’t drive. Mirrors were invented a long to time ago. From a pro driver.

  138. 2022 January 9
    James permalink

    I find those who back in to be incredibly selfish and it creates so many more problems than if they pulled nose in like a normal person instead of being a total windowlicker! I have seen many many more instances with problems occurring from vehicles pulling out forward after being backed in than those backing out. You are not able to see as well pulling forward out for starters due to your position in the vehicle. Second, those walking or driving in a parking lot do not know your dumb a$$ is pulling out as there are no reverse lights to show those around you your intentions. I ALWAYS see those vehicles that are backed in are not straight, are not far enough into the space or go too far into the space etc. Personally I think it should be illegal to back into a space or pull through so the nose of your vehicle is facing out. Just park like a normal person!!!!!

  139. 2022 January 9
    James permalink

    Ben, You are an idiot!! Drivers ed does not teach you to back into parking spaces, in fact just the opposite. I have a daughter that just got her license and they were very specific in teaching them to not back into parking spaces as it is more dangerous and creates more risk of hitting other vehicles while parking! You are obviously just another window licker that does not know the rules of the road and should not have a drivers license!

  140. 2022 March 24
    Alan permalink

    I drive a full size pickup truck, I have no problem parking nose in and backing out, it’s easy and less time consuming. If the person in front of me is about to back in, I just take parking spot before they have a chance to start backing up, problem solved.
    If I am uncomfortable with the amount of space in the parking lot, I just park out where nobody parks and, you know… use my legs…

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