Tammie Thursday: Nursery Rhyme News…

2011 June 16
by mockers

And today in the news we bring you these top stories….

Wee wacky Weiner

pulled out his peter

took a picture

put it up

Twittered it out

hoping for good luck

Some dingy bimbo

would place him in limbo

by telling the press

he caused her duress.

Now he’s in therapy

cause he pulled out his peepee. 
















Little Sarah Palin

is always wailing

about historic events.

She doesn’t know U.S. history

but that’s no mystery;

Her mind is nonabsorbent.















Newt,Newt…You look great in a suit.

How will your campaign grow?

With a brand new staff and the support of the Jews,

I’m hoping to win, I mean, how can I lose?















Middle East, Middle East

have you some oil?


it lies deep in our soil.

Middle East, Middle East

we need you to supply us

Our nation is wasteful

not many ride the bus.


we know you are greedy.

With your big trucks and SUVS

Your nation IS needy.

We don’t mind supplying you

It’s making us rich

You rely on our oil

and we’ve made you our bitch.











Arnold and Maria are getting a divorce

Arnold screwed around,(with the maid of course)

All of the Kennedy money and all the Kennedy fame

Couldn’t bring Arnold and Maria back together again.


And that’s all for now folks.

This is the Taminator reporting for Nursery Rhyme News. I’ll be back….

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  1. 2011 June 16

    E. E. Cummings? Those don’t rhyme! Most of them anyway.

  2. 2011 June 16
    Tammie permalink

    Few people know that E.E.Cummings and Mother Goose had a love child…

  3. 2011 June 17
    Phil Jett permalink

    Is that a photo of Anthony Weiner or Janis Ian?


  4. 2011 June 17
    Vicki permalink

    This is way better news than that Scott Pilly guy. Or is it Palley. Or Pulley?

  5. 2011 June 17
    WBinOH permalink

    Very nice Tammie, you even kept it bipartisan!

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