The Creepiest Beatles Song

2009 April 27
by mockers

lennonIn 1969 John Lennon released a horrible song called “Give Peace a Chance.”  It’s a real turd, but few had the courage to criticize it, because it was written and performed by a Beatle and had “peace” in the title.

But make no mistake about it, the song is fantastically bad. It’s basically the same blissed-out lyric repeated over and over again, as a collection of hippies, dipshits and idiots clap along.

I’m clenching-up right now, just thinking about it.

But only four years earlier, John was singing a different tune — in more ways than one.  On the Rubber Soul album is a less-famous song called “Run for Your Life,” in which Mr. Peace and Love warns his girlfriend she’d best remain faithful to him, or… there might be fatal consequences.

Don’t believe me?  Let’s take a look at the lyrics…

Well I’d rather see you dead, little girl
Than to be with another man

When writing a catchy pop song, I’ve heard, it’s best to get the murder threats out of the way early.  It’s the same formula used by the Jonas Brothers, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and many other contemporary artists.

You better keep your head, little girl
Or I won’t know where I am

Wow!  Wonder if O.J. was humming this the night he was, um, eating fast food at home, and preparing for his unplanned flight to Chicago?  And what’s with the demeaning “little girl” business?  My wife would turn my scrotum into a tea cozy…

You better run for your life if you can, little girl
Hide your head in the sand little girl
Catch you with another man
That’s the end’a little girl

Notice how he keeps mentioning her head?  I think it’s a not-so-subtle promise to start sawin’ off noggins, if things don’t go his way.

Well you know that I’m a wicked guy
And I was born with a jealous mind
And I can’t spend my whole life
Trying just to make you toe the line

He’s getting tired of having to work at controlling her.  It’s hard, all-consuming work.  I mean, just this afternoon he saw how she looked at that grocery store cashier.  He will not be treated like a fool!  He knows what’s going on!!  He sees all.

Let this be a sermon
I mean everything I’ve said
Baby, I’m determined
And I’d rather see you dead

“I’m not lying, bitch.  I kill ya.”

You better run for your life if you can, little girl
Hide your head in the sand little girl
Catch you with another man
That’s the end’a little girl
Na, na, na
Na, na, na
Na, na, na
Na, na, na

And taunting, too.  Perfect.  More about her head, you’ll notice.  That thing’s going to end up inside a locker at the bowling alley, mark my words.  Imagine aaaaall the people… fucking decapitated because of their filthy lying, deceitful ways.

Give peace a chance, indeed.  Holy shit.

“Run for Your Life” at YouTube.

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  1. 2009 April 27

    So, you’re saying there could be a market for my song to my ex-boyfriend Twisted Shit all about how I’d cut his dick off and have it bronzed (assuming they sell bronze in such small quantities) and embark on a life of taking it to feminist rallies, meetings, and coffeehouses?

    Who knew?

    BTW, I once lived in Yorkshire (where the Fab Four hail from, but I wasn’t in Liverpool often). My MIL asked me one morning to go to the Egg Man. I was all: There is an Egg Man!! Turned out he was just an old dude who sold eggs and had one of those awesomely groomed and waxed mustaches that went on very creative directions.

    Well done on the blog! John Lennnon was always creepy and had a known past of being a woman user and abuser of sorts.

  2. 2009 April 27
    JoJo permalink

    You mean John wrote peace songs, too? I personally prefer the song about that Maxwell fellow killing women with his silver hammer. Let that be a warning to you wimmins out there, don’t fuck with the Beatles!

    I’m still mad at Hall and Oates for having an affair with Yoko Ono, which eventually led them to assassinate Mr Lennon to cover up the whole sordid matter, and subsequently contributed to the break-up of that fantastic pop duo.

  3. 2009 April 27
    kristin permalink

    how about a poll on which is better – hostess, little debbie or drakes?

  4. 2009 April 27
    2Tall permalink

    Well, in a way, this is a song about peace….as in, Rest in Peace. Or maybe Pieces is more appropriate.

  5. 2009 April 27
    Greg permalink

    This turns out to be one of my favorite early Beatles tunes – yes the lyrics area a tad macabre, but the tune just cooks.

  6. 2009 April 27

    Anything involving Yoko Ono gives me full body shivers…

  7. 2009 April 27

    I think he was just trying to get ahead.
    Oh, that’s very bad isn’t it?

    Actually Give peace a chance was all screwed up, the song was actually about a very fat and ugly boy named Chance. The song was written to be played at Sorority houses where Chance was the groundskeeper. The original lyric was “Give Chance a piece”

    Shit…that was bad too…

  8. 2009 April 27
    Taiwan On permalink

    Definitely firing on all cylinders. I enjoy many of Lennon’s songs yet I found this entirely amusing if not sadly true.

    Visualize Whirled Peas

  9. 2009 April 28
    Willie Williams permalink

    Thank God someone finally said it out loud. My sphincter puckers like Joey Chestnut’s lips during a lemon eating contest everytime I hear Give Peace a Chance start up. The people who dance around to that song are just as mockable.

  10. 2009 April 28
    J Shifty permalink

    I loved the treatment they gave this song in the Beatles cartoon, turning it into Ringo’s closed head injury dream of the French Revolution:

  11. 2009 April 29

    I still chuckle over John and Yoko’s “Bed In” with the sign “Hair Peace” on the window by the bed. Very witty, that is.

    BTW, although not a Beatles song, John and Yoko’s “Attica State” is 10X worse than “G.P.A.C.”

  12. 2011 August 13
    anton permalink

    Lol, the Beatles did a murder ballad and people call it creepy? Grow some balls kids.

  13. 2012 March 5

    i love u baby

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